After the major attack in the Equifax credit database management server which posed threat to 143 million Americans, the company has announced that the chief information officer, David Webb and chief security officer, Susan Mauldin will be retiring from the company. The company announced this on Friday.

After the breach incident where some hackers hacked the data base of the company and stole some private data like the social security number, birth dates, addresses etc., the company faced serious criticism on its security level. The lack in security led to this attack. This sudden step by the company has been taken due to heavy pressure on it since the time of the incident.

As per the company, the qualification of Susan Mauldin had come under media investigation. Susan Mauldin, Chief Security officer of Equifax has a bachelor’s degree and also has a master of fine arts degree in music composition from the University of Georgia. Fingers have been raised at her as she was appointed to keep personal and financial data safe. Now, the negligence has pushed 143 million people in the risk of identity theft and fraud.

The retirement package of the executives has not yet been disclosed by the company.

Equifax has appointed Russ Ayers, information technology executive of Equifax in the place of Susan Mauldin. Mark Rohrwasser, Equifax’s international technology operation in charge has been appointed in the place of David Webb.

All the things changed for the company on July 29 when Equifax detected unauthorized activity in the server, after which the company immediately blocked it. But even after that, the company found more suspicious activity which made the company to shut down the portal software.

After some in depth investigation, the reason behind the hack has revealed by the company. Friday, the company informed that its failure in upgrading the Apache Struts framework was the reason behind the attack. The Apache foundation also announced an up gradation patch for its Apache Struts frame work but Equifax didn’t updated their Apache Struts. However, after patching the software, Equifax hired a computer security firm named Mandiant to conduct forensic investigation.

After the issue, consumers also complained that the phone line which was activated by Equifax was not working properly to which the company did not respond.

Now, the company is under deep investigation and facing questions from Lawmakers, Congressmen, Federal Trade Commission and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. It is also heard that Richard Smith, CEO of Equifax will be questioned by Congress in October.

Meanwhile, as per the documents filed with securities regulators, after the attack, around $1.8 million shares have been sold by three executives of the company.