The latest God of War is soon going to be available on PlayStation. And, good news is that its initial reviews claim it as a huge hit; even critically. Critics are already in love with the game, commending and claiming it as a smart move for the latest product of the series. One may find it surprising, but, the game director Cory Barlong has given all credits to Mad Max director George Miller. According to Barlog, the game would not be the reality without the collaboration with Mad Max director.

Post one year of Barlog leaving Sony, in 2008, it was declared that he would join hands with Miller for the latest edition of Mad Max game. However, it didn’t work for Just Cause studio Avalanche, rather unveiling a Mad Max game in the year 2015, during the time when Miller’s well known Fury Road surfaced. Though the Mad Max dream of Barlog didn’t become a reality, but, the developer claimed his span with Miller developed his creative instinct in many ways. According to him, he is not having the right knowledge of the story prior collaborating with Miller.

Talking about the game, Barlog has to say that sometimes unfortunately things don’t happen as you wish; this was the case about him and George while working on that project. However, Barlog reckons that the lessons that he got from that certainly made the latest God of War in to reality.

Upon being asked whether there were any certain section of his Mad Max concept that turned in to God of War, Barlong said that some sections indeed were inspiring for the latest PS4 game. The Mad Max game was quite unique of its kind, though there were certain similarities.

According to Barlong, collaboration with Miller was like spending time with a genius who showers incredible knowledge and intellect. Miller is fortunate to have supremely talented people around who effortlessly develop incredible products, one after the other. And, all these things thoroughly inspire Barlong. Overall, Barlong explains this as one of his best moments of life so far.

Barlog further adds, he is not sure whether he would have tried, if had not met with George. In other words, George is such influential for him. He feels prior meeting with him it was like trying to read the book or something with a blurry vision. It means he wants to say that though there was everything, but he was not able to realise about the magical part.