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Lost Places: Visiting Dictoger’s Nature Pool – Bitter Disappointment


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Check out the video: Dictokerin visits an abandoned natural pond – and he is very disappointed.

In a TikTok video, the influencer complains that it is not welcoming, that the road is bad, that the parking lot is overflowing, and that it is 700 meters away from the actual pool.
TikTokerin’s bad: The pool has no filter system.
Users around the pool make fun of the “Instagram vs. Reality” video.
One user commented that this pool is a complete recommendation for a day trip. Yes, it is in the snowy mountains, of course you have to walk up and down there.
Another explains that water comes from an underground spring and is filtered through sandstone.
She endured a three-hour detour, Lena complains. Yarrangopilli Caves is a specialized bathing resort with hot baths. The natural pond is fed by a hot spring 1 km below the surface.
With a temperature of around 27 degrees throughout the year, the pool is a popular destination for all seasons.
Many users say this is a great destination, especially in winter. As Lena points out interestingly, the bath resort has long since ceased to be a thing: an inner tip.

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