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Corona around the world: The highest number of corona in China this year – politics


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With 162 new infections in a single day, China has recorded the highest number of new local corona cases to date this year. As many as 150 cases were reported in the Xi’an metropolis alone, officials said on Monday, after a massive curfew was imposed on 13 million residents last week following some cases. In Xi’an, people are allowed to leave their homes only in exceptional cases. Each family can appoint a member who can go shopping once every two days. People have also been thoroughly tested for the virus several times.

As a result of such drastic measures, China, which has a zero Govt policy, has largely brought the virus under control. For more than a year, the epidemic situation in the People’s Republic has been better than in many other countries. Everyday life and the economy have long since returned to normal. However, the highly contagious delta variant caused several eruptions from the fall. Now those in charge still fear the contagious Omicron variant. In the current eruption in Xi’an, authorities have not yet revealed any Omicron cases. The Winter Olympics are set to begin in Beijing in five more weeks. (27.12.2021)

Infection peaks in France and Italy

France records the highest number of coronavirus infections with more than 100,000 in a single day. According to official data on Saturday evening, 104,611 new cases were reported in the first 24 hours after the outbreak. Seven-day events across the country were the most recent with less than 647 new infections per 100,000 people in a week. Germany currently classifies France as a high-risk area.

In view of the growing number, for example, the French government wants to change the access rules for restaurants and cultural institutions. 3G is currently in practice there and in many places. In the future, a negative test alone will not suffice. The government wants to launch the relevant legislation in a special session on Monday, and it will have to pass it by mid-January.

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A total of 54,762 new corona infections were reported in Italy on Saturday. The Ministry of Health has recorded a new high for the third day in a row. Since the outbreak in February last year, about 5.57 million infections have been reported in Italy. With 136,530 deaths related to Govt-19, it has the second highest number of corona deaths in Europe after Great Britain. Most recently, 144 people in Italy have been infected with the virus. (25.12.2021)

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Nearly 300,000 infections in the United States

In the United States, health officials report at least 297,099 new infections within 24 hours. It gives the number of Reuters based on official data. At least 1,176 people have died from or due to the corona virus. With a population of about 330 million, the United States has the highest number of infections and deaths in the world. In total, more than 52.15 million infections have been diagnosed since the outbreak, and at least 819,249 have died. Omikron has already made Delta the most common virus variant in the country.

In Russia, too, many more died. Health officials recorded a further 981 corona virus-related deaths in 24 hours. In addition, 24,946 people were affected. (25.12.2021)

More than 4,500 flights have been canceled ahead of the Christmas holidays

More than 4,500 flights worldwide have been canceled over the Christmas holidays in view of the steep rise in Omicron infections. In addition, nearly 10,000 started late Friday. This was reported by FlightAware, a website that monitors flights around the world.

Airlines find it difficult to provide adequate staff for their flights because many crew members are currently ill. “We see it day by day now,” a United Airlines spokesman said Friday.

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Lufthansa also canceled intercontinental flights shortly before Christmas because many pilots fell ill. A spokesman for the company said Thursday that connections across the North Atlantic, for example, in Boston, Houston and Washington, were particularly affected from December 23 to 26. Passengers can be easily re-booked in this area. The return flight to Japan has also been canceled. “We planned with a very large buffer. But it was not enough for a very high disease rate,” the spokesman said. Since Lufthansa was not informed of the nature of the diseases, he did not wish to speculate about his association with Omigran. (25.12.2021)

One in ten people living in London may be affected by corona

In London, one in ten people is infected with the corona virus. According to a recent daily estimate by the ONS National Statistics Office, 9.5 per cent of London residents were infected with the virus on Sunday. Estimates for the UK indicate that the spread of the virus has accelerated. Thus, in the seven days from December 13 to 19, one in 35 people was affected. In the seven days prior to December 16, it was one in 45 people.

So, in his Christmas speech, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called for people to be tested for the corona virus themselves and to be vaccinated before their family reunites. “Even though the time to buy gifts is theoretically over, there is still one wonderful thing you can give your family and the whole country, it’s vaccination,” Johnson said in a speech to the nation on Christmas. Eve.

Despite the maximum number of new infections from the Omigron variant, there are no contact restrictions or other drastic measures in Great Britain at Christmas. However, it is already clear that hospitals in the UK are at risk of being overburdened in the future. Within a week, Covid-19-related illness reports in the English health service were up nearly 40 percent. Defender Reported. The number of Govt patients in hospitals is increasing.

Johnson called to test for the virus, especially before meeting loved ones at risk. However, he hopes this Christmas will be “significantly better” than last, the conservative politician said. In 2020, the government banned all celebrations shortly before the festival due to a growing alpha variation. Johnson describes the vaccine as “an invisible gift of invaluable value.” More celebrations are possible this year as well. (24.12.2021)

Participants in the Sundance Festival in January need a booster vaccine

The Sundance Film Festival in the U.S. state of Utah has tightened requirements due to the spread of the Omigron variant. As the organizers announced on Thursday, participants will now have to show the booster vaccine at the largest American film festival for independent production. Mask requirements and other hygiene rules also apply. Founded by Robert Redford in the 1980s, the festival is set to take place January 20-30 at the Park City Winter Sports Zone. Usually tens of thousands of film fans make the pilgrimage to the event in Utah, but due to the epidemic, the film festival was finally moved to the internet. In 2022, visitors to the planned hybrid event are again expected on site and online. (24.12.2021)

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