Bautzen: Massive Attacks on Police During Corona Demos In Saxony | Regional

Again, hundreds of people took to the streets in several cities in Saxony on Monday evening to protest the Corona policy. Protesters are increasingly resorting to violence.

In Bautzen, officers were attacked while trying to stop an illegal elevator. “Emergency services were heavily bombarded with pyrotechnics and bottles,” police said via Twitter in the evening.

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Several officers were injured. It is not known exactly how many are due to the action taking place. According to BILD information, protesters in Dresden tried to break police chains, after which pepper spray was used.

In Freiburg, about 150 people marched through the city in various groups, and about 250 protesters were detained by police in the Anglestorf district of Leipzig. For a while, even local public transportation had to change there.

A glass was smashed into a police car in Bautzen

Photo: B&S / Bernd March

In the Leipzig region and North Saxony alone, there have been about 30 calls for corona struggles. Police recorded further demonstrations in places such as Swonides, Freealand, Porna, Saskopav and Frankenberg. “Most of the illegal gatherings have been broken up,” police said.

Due to the very high number of infections, corona control in Saxony currently only allows static encounters with a maximum of ten participants. Opponents of the corona policy have been trying to avoid these rules for weeks.

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In Freiburg, 150 people were on the streets in defiance of the ban

Photo: B&S / Bernd March

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