Canada: Court suspends father of unvaccinated father

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The court temporarily withdraws custody of the unvaccinated father

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“Communicating with his father” does not apply to the “best interests” of the child: a Canadian court has temporarily revoked custody of a Canadian man for failing to be vaccinated. The judge justified his decision with statements from his father on Facebook that he was suspicious of being vaccinated.

IIn the Canadian province of Quebec, a court has temporarily withdrawn custody of a child from a father suspected of vaccination. The AFP news agency concluded on December 23 that it was “not in the best interests of the child to communicate with the father if he or she resisted the current epidemic situation without being vaccinated.”

Earlier, The Jaithung “duty” The case was reported. The father had initially demanded that the custody of the 12-year-old boy be extended to the Christmas holidays and New Year. However, the judge waived all his rights until February if he had not yet decided to get vaccinated.

The judge found that the father’s statements on websites such as Facebook showed that he was “openly speaking out against vaccinations and health measures.”

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Therefore, even in view of the highly contagious omigran variant, the protection of the child against the corona virus is not guaranteed.

The ex-wife lives with the new family

The mother now lives with a wife and two children aged seven months and four. You are not vaccinated because vaccination in Canada is only possible from the age of five. In court, the woman described her ex-husband as a “conspiracy theorist” and an “anti-vaccine”.

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“Under the circumstances, it would not be in the best interests of the father to see a 12 – year – old child at this time,” the judge said.

Due to the rapid spread of the Omigran variant, there has been a sharp increase in infections and hospital admissions in Quebec for several weeks. More than 90 percent of Quebec adults are vaccinated.

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Vaccination centers in Quebec, like here in Montreal, are more in need of primary vaccines than they were a week ago.

Primary vaccines quadrupled

The French-speaking province has decided to crack down on those who refuse to be vaccinated and will soon introduce a new tax that only applies to those who have not been vaccinated. Vaccinated people are also banned from liquor and cannabis stores in the province.

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