Past few weeks saw Bungie embroiled in controversy, as Destiny 2 players were fuming over the game’s bizarre XP system as well the publisher’s tendency for being overly secretive. Though it appears Bungie have realized its lack of transparency and opacity as they admitted they ‘were wrong’.

Following the massive backlash from fans, the publisher has also shared key details about the upcoming Curse of Osiris DLC, as well as information regarding season 2.

The latest trailer for Destiny 2’s upcoming expansion pack gives us a sneak peek of the kind of gears players can expect. After fuming response from fans over the game’s lack of content and underwhelming ending, Bungie says that “we ain’t seen nothin’ yet”. The trailer certainly gets us excited about the kind of gear we can look forward to even though the fact that it’s just a trailer and not a full reveal.

The 50-second teaser reveals that players can look forward to a lot of new armor and weapons. It also shows off legendries and exotic with funky dance moves sporting shiny head gear. Praise the traveller!

Destiny 2 players can look forward to some dramatic changes this month following the massive fan backlash. Both the upcoming Curse of Osiris DLC and a bunch of new updates will drastically expand the Destiny 2 universe. The forthcoming updates will bring a new class of weapon along with a slew of changes that’ll make the game more rewarding, especially for old school Destiny players.

Bungie also changed the game’s XP system recently after players found that something was wrong with Destiny 2’s XP gains. Hardcore Destiny players have also voiced their concerns about the lack of endgame content, though Bungie asserts that changes will be made to Destiny 2 with an update releasing on December 5, along with the upcoming Curse of Osiris DLC.