Assistance in the war against the Kremlin: Zelenskyj: “German rhetoric has changed”

Help in the war against the Kremlin
Zelenskyj: “Rhetoric has changed in Germany”

EU sanctions against Russia are not enough for Ukrainian President Zhelensky. He still insists on a gas embargo, but Germany opposes it. Despite all the criticism, Selensky sees a positive development in German-Ukrainian relations.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj has again called for additional support from Germany and a tough stance on the part of the federal government towards Russia. In an interview with Bild Live on Friday, Selenskiz praised the coal embargo on the new EU sanctions package against Russia, while calling for further action. Zelenskyj criticized some countries, including Germany, for being “against the oil and gas embargo”.

The Ukrainian head of state again called for more support. “Germany did not support us with arms. Germany spoke openly about the fact that we would not be members of NATO. But if we were honest: Germany’s rhetoric had changed. Germany was conservative and cold – but the train moved.” Zhelensky.

The Ukrainian president insisted that the people in Germany were “not completely cold.” He saw large pro-Ukrainian protests. “There was a lot of support. That’s where I saw the face of the Germans,” Zhelensky said.

“I hate Russia”

Due to the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine, there is intense debate in the European Union over the suspension of energy supplies from Russia. The EU’s fifth major embargo against Russia came into force on Friday, including a ban on Russian coal. The gas embargo demanded by Ukraine and the European Union parliament was rejected, especially by Germany and Austria.

Zelenskyj commented on a broadcast live on Friday about a rocket attack on a train station full of refugees in Kramatorsk that killed at least 50 people on Friday. “I hate Russia, I hate Russian soldiers,” he said. “When I look at these pictures before my eyes: murdered children, no legs, no hands. It’s a disgust, it’s horrible.”

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