Le Pen against Germany and the European Union

FFrance is facing elections for the second time in a row this Sunday. According to opinion polls, the candidates of the former ruling parties Socialist Party (PS) and Les Républicains (LR) are too weak to qualify for the second round of the presidential election. Proper transfers of power between the left and the right majority are a thing of the past. If you trust the polls, voters will trust Emmanuel Macron again Marine Le Pen Send to the ballot. Unlike Macron, who abides by the recommendations made in the 2017 Sorbonne speech, Le Pen has made a general change to his European policy agenda.

So it is no longer aimed at Frexit. Unlike five years ago, he did not plan a referendum on leaving the euro. Nonetheless, anti-European voices cannot be ignored in his voice. This is especially true of the Franco-German relationship. In his plan, printed on glossy paper, he declared that relations with Germany should be extensively revised due to “insurmountable theoretical, functional and industrial differences”. With regard to nuclear deterrence and arms exports, there are uncompromising opposites. Therefore, as President, he will “end all structural cooperation in the field of defense.”

Confirmingly, Le Pen wants to withdraw from the German-French-Spanish Future Combat Air System (FCAS) fighter aircraft system and the Joint Main Ground Combat System (MGCS) tank project. Le Pen writes that this collaboration contradicts their “vision of sovereign security.” This return to national decision-making power was very popular in French military circles. Eric Trappier, the boss of the arms manufacturer Dassault, has been critical of Germany for some time. He repeatedly argued that the successor to the Raphael fighter aircraft should be designed separately rather than giving top-level French technology into German hands. In his plan, Le Pen called on the German UN. Announced the withdrawal of French support for a permanent seat on the Security Council.

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Return from NATO settings

When Macron In the tradition of his predecessors, he rejects the French Security Council seat as an EU seat and supports Germany’s candidacy. Le Pen, on the other hand, does not want to put too much weight on Germany internationally. Shortly before signing the Aachen Pact, he accused Macron of selling France’s UN seat in exchange for vague expressions of friendship. Concerns about relinquishing one of the attributes of a successful position of power go beyond the Rassembled National (RN).

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The situation is similar to the withdrawal from NATO’s integrated military structures, which Le Pen wants to organize “at the end of the Ukraine war.” 2009 was President Nicolas Sarkozy France’s 43 – year – old exception to the rule in the Security Council. Since then, France has again sent officers to military command structures and participated in all decision-making processes. It is not only represented in the Nuclear Planning Commission.

Le Pen wants to deactivate this integration. French troops could not be used under NATO command to defend the east. While the alliance and aid obligations to NATO Founder member France continue, this will mark the end of a common European security effort. Despite the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine, Le Pen is pushing for an “alliance with Russia.” We need to expand cooperation in the fight against terrorism, “without fear of US sanctions.”

Social benefits are for the French only

In terms of immigration policy, Le Pen wants to be on a collision course I Walk. Immigrants are said to be denied housing and community assistance and basic medical facilities. According to the plan, social benefits should be allocated “exclusively to the French people”. Only French citizens receive child welfare. EU citizens and other foreigners are entitled to social benefits only after five years of unrestricted employment. The purpose of their plan is to revoke the usual boundary restrictions at all crossings.

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He wants a constitutional amendment to say that international law cannot prevail over the French constitution. He cites the 2019 Federal Constitutional Court ruling as a model. Judges in Karlsruhe, who traditionally question the competence of the High European Court in Luxembourg, ruled at the time that the ECJ was operating “ultra-viral”, i.e. its powers outside. Le Pen wants to continue in the same way after the constitutional amendment, thus undermining the European Convention on Human Rights in Immigration Policy.

In his plan, he pointed out that the rule of law in France is greater than in the EU. Former Brexit negotiator and EU Commissioner Michael Barnier (LR) made a similar argument at his party’s primary meeting. Le Pen cites Poland as another example, whose Constitutional Court ruled in 2021 that EU treaties were inconsistent with the national constitution. Le Pen is preparing to get closer to the Polish and Hungarian heads of government, Moraviki and Orban. He says he will bring the EU back to its center, “Europe of the Fathers.” After the vote on the European Constitutional Agreement in 2005, this smooth exit from the consolidation process won a majority.

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