Is that the Silver Bullet ?: The “comic” drone for Ukraine

Is that the magic bullet?
“Comicase” drone for Ukraine

By Holger Breeze

So far, old weapons systems have been provided to Ukraine to defend against attacks by the Russian military. However, this has not yet brought real benefits. Now two modern drones from the United States are playing to turn the tide.

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the question has been what are the armed organizations capable of repelling Putin’s army. To date, old arms systems have been donated to Ukraine, mainly from shares in the former Warsaw Pact. The Russian military is still largely armed. With this in mind, any modern armed system in the possession of the guards is more than a glimmer of hope for an immediate end to hostilities.

The last name brought up in this case was “Switchplate 300 and 600”. Whether it is an unmanned combat-capable aerial vehicle (UCAV) or an American-made aerovirment drone. The “switch blade” is also referred to as the “cost-effective drone”, meaning that it will not return from its mission. Like the “divine air” of the Japanese Imperial Navy Air Force in World War II or the comics special attack force Shimbu Tokoda, the drone is heading towards its target to destroy it.

Dive towards the goal

Weighing in at 2.5 kilograms, the “Switchblade 300” players can carry around in their backpacks.

(Photo: dpa)

Of course, the “Switchblade” is a remote control and there is no need for a man to voluntarily sacrifice himself in this attack. However, the way “Switchblade” destroys its target earned it the nickname “Kamikaze” because it fires its target dive-bombs. But although the principle is the same for 300 and 600, the two weapons are significantly different. The “Switchblade 300” is no bigger than a loaf of bread and weighs only 2.5 kilograms, the 600’s rocket alone weighs about 15 kilograms, and the drone weighs a total of 54.4 kilograms.

In this sense, the “Switchblade 300” can be compared to the anti-javelin tank system or the Stinger anti-missile. 300 is carried in a soldier’s bag and used against targets that are not in the view of the shooter. Because the drone is provided with real-time GPS coordinates and video guidance, it must be “highly accurate” and cause “minor parallel damage” and provide intelligence about the enemy. At least the manufacturer promises AeroViroment.

The “Switchblade 300” is mainly used to attack people and light vehicles. According to the manufacturer’s data sheet, the drone can fly ten kilometers at 60 km / h and take about 15 minutes before diving to 100 km / h. “Switchblade 600” operates on the same principle. However, it is equipped with a significantly larger bomb device and is used to attack more armored vehicles.

Next generation war drones

Screenshot 2022-04-08 at 12.35.52.jpg

The “Switchblade 600” is modern and will be available from January 2023.

(Photo: Screenshot)

In addition, once the tube is launched, the “Switchblade 600” can not only cover a distance of 40 km at a speed of 100 km / h, but also be above the target area for 40 minutes, which can cancel the attack. And, attacking another target via a tablet-based control system at the option of security. According to AeroViroment, the 600 belongs to the “next generation war drones”, equipped with high-precision optics and RSTA system (spy, surveillance and target acquisition – spy, surveillance and target acquisition).

However, the “Switchblade 600” should not be cheap. 300 alone costs $ 6000 per piece. Additionally, the “Switchblade 600” is not yet available. In September 2021, Arlington, Virginia-based Aerovirom received a $ 20.3 million order from the US Special Operations Command for an Advanced Missile System. Deliveries are scheduled for completion in January 2023.

Earlier versions of the Dive Drone were in the arsenal of American commandos. In 2010, they were used by the United States in the fight against the Taliban in Afghanistan, which later led to a great deal of debate over co-damage, as the US military gave the drones the name “flying gun”.

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