Apple is always known for its extraordinary devices and gadgets, and this time also it has come up with a brand new Apple TV along with a revamped set-top box. And the most interesting thing is that it also upgraded its remote control system. The Apple TV is scheduled to launch on September 12 and if online information is to be believed, then its revamped remote might also support haptic or touch-based feedback.

A developer name Guilherme Rambo has claimed to find some interesting features of the remote after analyzing the leaked tvOS 11 firmware. He discovered some interesting details after going through the references to “force calibration,” actuator “calibration” and “Vibe Waveforms.” All the three signified that the upcoming Apple TV’s remote is definitely going to have the haptic feedback feature. Rambo took to social media to share all these details.

After going through Rambo’s discovery, MacRumors also insisted that Apple’s new Siri remote might come fitted with an iPhone-style Taptic Engine and hence it will provide the users with a touch based feedback. This feedback will be activated while using Siri, accessing the home screen, browsing through menus and much more.

Haptic feedback is a technology which is designed to give touch-based feedback response to the user when he or she interacts with a device. This type of feedback system enables the user to perfectly know or feel about whether he or she has tapped or pressed a button or activated any type of feature. Apple used this haptic technology in its iPhones in 2015 with the help of Taptic engine. But users should get aware of the fact that the Mac and other iOS devices of Apple have been already using this type of feedback for many years.
Although Apple’s TV remote contains a touch surface like that of the MacBooks, it never vibrates or responds to any type of presses, taps or onscreen activities. But now the new Siri remote is expected to come with touch-based feedback feature which might excite the Apple TV users.

According to various rumors and leaked information, the upcoming 5th generation Apple TV might debut as “Apple TV 4K” indicating its support for the ultra HD-resolutions. Also, the new Apple TV will pack a 3-core A10 Fusion processor along with 3GB of RAM and will have HDR as well as Dolby vision support. Adding to that the iTunes Store will also be upgraded to support 4K HDR content. The launch event is scheduled to take place on September 12 at the Steve Jobs Theatre in Cupertino.