Apple has revealed that the company’s streaming music service now has more than 38 million subscribers. Apple SVP of internet Software and Services Eddy Cue stated that the Apple music has gained two million new subscribers in a month at an interview at South by Southwest festival. He going on to add that another 8 million subscribers are now listening to Apple Music on a trial basis.

Apple Music has got off to a shaky start, but now it stands strong with more than 38 million subscribers. In a month of time, it is seen that Apple Music got about 5% rise in users. The service is now proving to be impressive as it is during a few years back during its launch time.

Cue said that the combined subscriber of Apple Music and Spotify which is a rival company of Apple have more than 100 million subscribers. He further said that 100 million subscriber is a large group which provides us plenty of opportunities to grow. Cue said that Apple is more concerned about the artist who is getting huge royalties through this streaming platforms.

The big question now arises is, whether Apple Music can outshine Spotify. Spotify now has more than 70 million subscribers and stand first. Apple with 38 million subscribers stands second, and it has to cover a lot of grounds to go ahead of Spotify.

According to industry observers, they say that the lead that Spotify is having over Apple Music will not be standing in near future. Apple Music may overtake Spotify in few months as it seems that Apple music is rising at a fast pace. Spotify is growing at a rate of 2% every month whereas Apple Music is growing at a rate of 5%.