A 20-year-old man drowned in Italy trying to save his brother

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Young woman drowns in Lake Garda: she wanted to help her brother. (iconic image © Michael Bihlmayer/Imago/Archive image)

A young woman drowned in Italy’s Lake Garda. After jumping into the lake, she never reappeared.

Garda – In Italy, a tragedy struck the Lake Garda holiday area this Saturday (August 19). Like the Italian news agency Ansa In the afternoon a young tourist was reported to have drowned in the lake. So the woman disappeared into garda in the Carno area and never surfaced again.

The rescue team then rescued the young woman. However, efforts to revive her failed, the report continued. According to a report by the South Tyrolean news website Stol.it A 20-year-old man from the Borgo Nuovo district of Verona died.

According to initial indications, the accident occurred when a young woman from Italy jumped from a jetty into the lake. According to the report, he allegedly tried to help his 14-year-old brother who was struggling in the water. When a 20-year-old girl who jumped into Lake Garda did not reappear, her father raised the alarm. She was on shore with her two children.

Tragedy in Italy: Victims rescued from Lake Garda six meters deep

The Coast Guard, Fire Brigade, Red Cross and Civil Defense have reportedly rushed to the scene of the accident. A search was also conducted by helicopter Stol.it Further. The young woman was finally found about 30 meters from the beach in a depth of six meters.

She was rescued and brought ashore in critical condition. However, rescue efforts by emergency services were unsuccessful. A 20-year-old man died on the shores of Lake Garda. Ansa.it 2023 notes that a series of similar incidents occurred across Italy during the summer heatwave. Recently, a young man died on a jet ski trip on Lake Garda. (That)

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