Youtuber Matteo Di Pietro Kills Baby (5) – Verdict

While filming a YouTube video, a YouTuber group's car crashed into a family's car. A child dies.

YouTuber Matteo Di Pietro has been sentenced to prison after an accident involving a toddler in Italy. A court in Rome sentenced the 20-year-old Italian man who was driving at the time to four years and four months in prison, Anza news agency reported on Wednesday. The crash outside Rome last summer involved a luxury SUV and a family's small car. A five-year-old boy was killed. A group of young YouTubers from the influential group “The Borderline” sat in an SUV.

Despite the verdict, the YouTuber doesn't need to go to jail. His attorney told reporters Wednesday that he will not go to prison. In fact, the young man has already served a portion of the house arrest sentence he has been serving since the accident. This number of months is deducted from the prescribed four years and four months. Under Italian law, some cases carry a prison sentence of up to four years.

The small car was completely damaged

The incident caused an uproar and sensation in Italy. The youngsters have borrowed an SUV from an Italian sports car manufacturer to film YouTube videos. They drove the SUV through a street in Casal Balocco, southwest of central Rome, at speeds of more than 120 kilometers per hour and collided with a family car. In the collision, the small car was completely damaged.

The 20-year-old has now been convicted of road traffic homicide and grievous bodily harm in Italy. Because the court and his party had previously agreed to a summary trial, he was generally given an opportunity to mitigate the circumstances.

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