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You’re Not Invited to My Pub: Adam Sandler Breaks Rotten Tomatoes Record with Netflix’s ‘Bat Mittvah’


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Adam Sandler sets a career high with his new Netflix movie.

The actor, who has a $350m (£199m) deal with the streaming service, appears You are not invited to my puba comedy in which he stars alongside his wife and two daughters.

It’s the sports drama that knocked her out Accelerates It is his highest-reviewed film, according to the Rotten Tomatoes aggregate site.

This marks a major shift for Sandler, whose previous films for the streaming service include Irony 6, Sandy Wexler And murder mysterywere all torn apart by critics.

but, You are not invited to my pub It sees Sandler receiving some of the best reviews of his career so far.

on Rotten tomatoesThe film received a rating of 95% from critics. For comparison, Accelerates She has 93 percent.

follows behind it Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)which is 92 percent, Uncut gems 91 percent and a Paul Thomas Anderson movie Punch drunk love (77 percent).

But the masses do not agree. while Accelerates remains his most popular movie among fans, You are not invited to my pub It currently stands at 67 percent.

The movie follows two best friends Bat mitzvah The plans are affected by a popular boy, whose attention they fight for.

Sunny and Adam Sandler in “You’re Not Invited to a Bat Mitzvah”


Sandler stars in the movie alongside him Uncut gems Idina Menzel, his wife Jackie, and their daughters Sadie, 17, and Sunny, 14.

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The actor has been married to Jackie since 2003.

You are not invited to my pub Available to stream on Netflix now.

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