You should watch the superhero movies “Madame Web” and “The Room,” which are streaming now

My best theater experience of 2024 is Dune: Part 2. My second best theater experience of 2024 is Madame Web. truly.

Unfortunately, it is now live streaming beloved), Madame Web no longer requires you to head to theaters to see it (though wait until the price drops), and for the right kind of viewer, I would highly recommend what is easily the most bizarre superhero film of the modern era that I believe began With X-Men on FOX in 2000. And now, 24 years later, I promise you've never seen anything like it.

The best way to describe it is as a “superhero movie room,” the popular movie being watched because It's terrible. So bad it's good, we often say. I know this is a companion movie to something also terrible like Morbius in FOX's non-Spider-Man universe, but while Morbius was a meme, it was also just a chore and Jared Leto's snarl wasn't really fun nor entertaining, whatever. The movie is bad overall.

Madame Web is just a completely crazy movie. It's based on a mysterious Spider-Man character who's supposed to be a blind old woman, but is instead Dakota Johnson, star of 50 Shades of Gray and Suspiria, gifted with spider powers that aren't actual spider powers, but just spider powers. The ability to see the future briefly. A sort of little Edge of Tomorrow situation where she can avoid something or change something in the next round.

For some reason, Sony also thought this was the right time to introduce not just one, but two three Various Spider-Women as supporting characters, rather than any one of them being given their own movie because all three are more important than Madame Web. What's a bit crazy is that the background cast includes the likes of the ever-popular Sydney Sweeney, as well as Isabella Merced, who's about to star in the DCU as Hawkgirl from Superman Legacy and has a big role as Dina in Season 2 of The Last of . Us on HBO. They could have easily carried a solo Spider-Woman movie in the right hands.

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And all of these women are completely lost. This is the least amount of action ever seen in a superhero movie. Two big scenes end with Johnson hitting the bad guy with a vehicle because no one here is an actual superpower Excludes for him. Ezekiel Sims is another mystery here, a Z-class Spider-Man villain who doesn't even shoot webs, can just climb walls and be strong. None of the actual stars in this film have powers except for little Johnson's abilities to see the future. She and the Sims were given their powers by mythical Amazonian spiders, not anything radioactive like Peter's. Sims also has a strange dub over his performance for most of the film that remains inexplicable to this day.

Oh, and you'll meet Peter Parker. As a child, when he arrived after his mother, Emma Roberts, had given birth to him. Adam Scott plays Uncle Ben, leading some to call this the best movie ever made about Spider-Man's fellow uncle.

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