WWE SmackDown Results (03/17) – Sami Zayn and J. Uso go head to head, Gunther’s WrestleMania opponents revealed, we hear from Cody Rhodes

Rhodes asks Kansas City what they want to talk about, then suggests they talk about WrestleMania. He pays his respects to Roman Reigns and calls him the greatest champion in both sports and sports entertainment. He says he’s looking forward to hitting on Reigns in Los Angeles, California, and then makes it clear that he doesn’t want to talk about someone but rather someone else. He then calls Kevin Owens to ringside.

Owens’ music picks up after a few beats as he walks towards the ring. He told Rhodes that he thought he knew what Rhodes wanted to say. Rhodes cut him off and said this isn’t just a conversation between two people. He says another party needs to be involved before he invites Sami Zayn out.

Zayn’s music beats and he appears with a smile on his face. Rhodes says he’ll peel back the curtain and tell Owens he has an incredible amount of respect for him. He explains that when he left WWE in 2016, he needed connections and help. He says Owens provided him with such and improved his living. He tells Owens he can never repay him, but he’s trying to do so at least partially in the moment.

Owens says he’s heard everything Zayn has to say, but Zayn cuts him off and says that while that may be the case, Owens hasn’t said everything he needs to. Zayn says while the two have hurt each other many times, they have always been able to forgive each other. He says he doesn’t understand why this time is different, then tells Owens to get everything he needs out of his system.

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Owens asks Rhodes if he got what he wanted so he could leave, and Rhodes says they all know they’re in the people-pleasing business. Rhodes says it doesn’t matter what he wants to see, but rather what the fans want: Owens and Zayn are on the same page. Zayn says fans want to see them team up again, and so does he. He says the two of them can do something magical and wonderful together, and adds that they could be the ones to take down The Bloodline. He says they don’t need to be friends, but rather be able to work as a unit. Owens says he heard Zayn say it all and says he understands it, but wonders why he would fight for someone who didn’t want to be his friend. Owens thanks Rhodes for what he tried to do, then leaves the ring and heads to the back.

After the break, we see Owens exit the ring and head towards his car. Zain catches up with him and says: Forget everything that happened. He tells Owens that they are not just friends, but brothers. He tells Owens if he never wants to talk to him, that’s fine, but he lets him know he loves him. Owens gets in his car and drives off as a look of frustration gets over Zayn’s face.

Back at ringside, Rhea Ripley and Dominic Mysterio head downhill. Santos Escobar and Zelina Vega followed.

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