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When and where can you find “Thee Malai”?


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During an annular solar eclipse, a “ring of fire” surrounds the Sun. But this phenomenon can only be seen on a narrow corridor.

Frankfurt – During a solar eclipse, the new moon moves in front of the sun and covers it – which happens several times a year, but can only be seen in a certain area. On October 14, part of the United States will experience an impressive annual solar eclipse, while the rest of the continent will still see a partial solar eclipse.

During an annual solar eclipse, the Moon is not close enough to Earth to completely cover the disk of the Sun. A “fringe” remains, creating a brightly lit “ring”. In the case of the October 14 solar eclipse, this “ring” can be seen in a narrow path, only about 110 miles (180 kilometers) wide, that runs across the United States. It is also found in parts of Central America, Colombia and Brazil. Almost all of the continental United States beyond this corridor will see a partial solar eclipse – the Moon only partially covering the Sun and without the spectacular ring.

During an annual solar eclipse, a “ring of fire” remains and the remainder of the Sun is obscured by the new moon. (Image archive) © dpa/Gustavo Cuevas

An annular solar eclipse was observed in parts of the United States on October 14

An annular solar eclipse is also known as the “Wreath of Fire Solar Eclipse” because the Sun appears to be surrounded by a fiery wreath at its maximum. Unfortunately, the scene in the sky can’t be seen from Germany – except for live streams on the Internet.

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The solar eclipse occurs in the afternoon and evening German time. The partial eclipse of the Sun begins at 5:03 PM, and the maximum eclipse is reached at 7:59 PM – now you can see the “Ring” or “Wing of Fire” if you are in the right place. Again the solar eclipse will end at 10.55 pm.

5:03 p.m
6:10 p.m
7:59 p.m
9:49 p.m
10:55 p.m
They are: time and date

A solar eclipse occurs because the disks of the Sun and the Moon are the same size

The Sun is actually 400 times larger than the Moon. Spectacular solar eclipses are only possible on Earth because the Moon is 400 times closer to Earth than the Sun. This makes the Moon’s disc appear as large as the Sun and completely cover the Sun. However, a total solar eclipse occurs only rarely – in Germany it will appear again in 2084. On the other hand, partial eclipses of the Sun occur more frequently. The next solar eclipse visible in Germany will be a partial solar eclipse on March 29, 2025.

A lunar eclipse is always two weeks before or after a solar eclipse – unlike a solar eclipse, the moon can be seen wherever it is in the sky during an eclipse. The next lunar eclipse will occur on October 28 and will be clearly visible from Germany. However, only a small portion of the Moon is eclipsed. (tab)

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