What women do with corpses is completely cinematic!

Ohio (USA) – Who is inside? Money If you want to make it, you have to be hardworking – or resourceful. The latter are two women from the US state of Ashtabula Ohio. However, one thing applies here: please don't copy it!

Loreen Bea Feralo (55, left) and her partner Karen Casbohm (63) were very creative in getting paid. © Ashtabula Police Department

Because what Loreen Bea Feralo, 55, and her accomplice, Karen Casbohm, 63, did could be classified under the “capital crime” category. It's not for nothing that the Ashtabula District Attorney's Office this week filed charges of theft and aggravated abuse of a corpse against two women.

But what actually happened? According to local police, Ferralo and Gazpom thought it best to collect the remaining possessions of their dead roommate.

To do this, with the help of a third person, they put the body of Douglas Layman, who died at the age of 80, in the passenger seat of his car and drove it to a nearby bank.

The accident remains a mystery: the woman fell into a deep shaft, but did not want help

Lehman allegedly allowed the money to be withdrawn from his account in his presence. This permission is likely to expire upon the death of the elder. Both didn't care.


The women took the money and kept the bodies in the passenger seat

The women got into trouble for a little more than the equivalent of 800 euros and now have to answer in court. (thumbnail) © 123rf/franz12

Ferralo and Gasbom allegedly dragged their friend into the car so the bank employee could see the dead man, but could not determine if he was still alive. It happened as it should: he paid both women 900 US dollars (about 820 euros).

With money in our pockets we headed to the next stop, a hospital in Ashtabula. It is said that the shamefaced women dropped Layman's body there and then crossed the hills.

Suspicious of the women's behavior, the hospital staff informed the police.

Because the toilets are broken! The principal sends the boys home

Ferralo and Gasbom were arrested, but both denied having anything to do with their roommate's death.

However, neither of them are innocent lambs. According to court records, Ferralo's criminal record includes convictions for assault, trespassing and more. Drug possession. Gazprom can provide a similar record. New points may be added soon.

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