War Cabinet Discusses Israel: Ground Attack Imminent?

Israeli Defense Minister Jove Galant has called on his country’s forces to prepare for a ground offensive into the Gaza Strip. In a meeting with infantrymen on Thursday, the soldiers were to prepare for operational orders.

The minister did not say when it would be delivered, but said: “Anyone who looks at Gaza from a distance now will see it from the inside. I can assure you.”

“This puts an end to the uncertainty over the last few days of speculation about an underground attack,” says ZDF reporter Michael Beverunge.

The War Cabinet is said to have met to discuss the ground attack. This is a sign that “it won’t be much longer.”

Israel’s defense minister today spoke of an imminent launch of a ground offensive. This is considered a clear signal: an attack is coming. It’s just not clear when.

19.10.2023 | 02:00 min

Beverunge, however, said it would be difficult to negotiate a hostage release if a ground attack was launched.

Experts warn of a bloody urban war if Israel launches a ground attack on the densely populated Gaza Strip. After Hamas’ devastating terrorist attacks on October 7, Israel wants to eliminate the Islamic organization’s military capabilities and regime.

Most politicians see no alternative to intervention on the ground.

“So far, Hamas’s calculations are paying off,” Christoph Heusken, head of the Munich Security Conference, said of the Middle East conflict. “She wants this to be a wildfire.”

18.10.2023 | 05:13 min

After unprecedented terrorist attacks by the militant Islamist Hamas on October 7, which according to the military killed around 1,400 Israelis and kidnapped around 200, Israel has been massing and moving tens of thousands of soldiers along the border with the Gaza Strip. Thousands have been killed in massive airstrikes, according to Palestinian sources.

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