US Prepares for Putin's Nuclear Strike on Ukraine

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In intercepted conversations, Russia allegedly discussed using nuclear weapons in the Ukraine conflict. Did Sholes prevent a nuclear war by negotiating with China?

NEW YORK — For more than two years, the war in Ukraine has evoked the horrors of a military conflict. Massive losses on both sides, grief among the Ukrainian people and fears of a conflict spreading to the heart of Europe. One thing could increase the level of terror in Ukraine – a nuclear attack by Russia.

Indeed, Russia's ruler Vladimir Putin's fear of a nuclear attack already seems very real. As Ukraine launched a counteroffensive against Russia in October 2022 and made major territorial gains, the US reportedly intercepted secret communications from the Kremlin. The New York Times. In a speech to party colleagues in New York, US President Joe Biden warned that “the world is under direct threat from the use of a nuclear weapon for the first time since the Cuban Missile Crisis”.

In his “Armageddon speech,” Biden warned against using nuclear weapons in the Ukraine war.

Unlike the threats of Russia's propaganda apparatus, which threatened to use nuclear weapons against the West with a certain method, the situation at that time was about a concrete danger. Intercepted conversations from Russia indicated the use of nuclear weapons in the following weeks.

A nuclear strike in the Ukraine war? In a speech, Biden warned of Putin's possible escalation of the war in Ukraine. © Imago (Montage)

According to the report, the relevance of various records is different. Some of the conversations were “different kinds of conversations,” a US official said. However, the accounts of Russian units allegedly responsible for the use of nuclear weapons are more specific. In addition, a senior Russian commander spoke about the logistics of a nuclear attack on Ukraine.

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During Biden's speech, referred to internally as the “Armageddon speech,” Russian records were the only possible source of evidence for the use of nuclear weapons in the Ukraine war. At a conference, Biden raised his voice The New York Times Putin has said there is no evidence that his nuclear weapons are ready for use. The possibility of a nuclear attack depends on the success of a Ukrainian counterattack.

A nuke against Ukraine as Putin's last trump card?

“If Putin and those around him think their backs are against the wall, it becomes dangerous,” said retired Brigadier General Helmut Kanzer. Frankfurter Rundsau. He sees the recapture of Crimea, which was actually an option during Biden's “Armageddon speech,” as a possible trigger for using nukes. They are good enough for Putin. “There are probably about 1,800 weapons,” Cancer said.

US General Mark A. Millie came to the same conclusion. The The New York Times The more successfully Ukraine defends itself against a Russian attack, he said, the more “Putin will threaten to use the bomb — or resort to it.”

Did Scholz negotiate with China to prevent the use of Russian nuclear weapons in the Ukraine war?

NATO took the Russian threat very seriously. There were high-level diplomatic discussions to prevent the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine. Chancellor Olaf Scholes (SPD) contributed to the escalation of the situation with a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

During his visit to China, Scholz spoke to Xi about the threat of global nuclear war and intercepted Russian talks — probably with success. After the meeting, the Chinese president spoke not only in state media but also against the use of nuclear weapons.

The US has also braced for a possible escalation in the war in Ukraine. Broadcaster CNN The US has also held talks with China and India, two senior government officials said. Both countries were called upon to publicly voice their opposition to the use of nuclear weapons. Both countries actually opposed the use of such weapons, one of the officials said, “which may have had some influence on their thinking.” CNN With the view of the Kremlin. (Pediatrics)

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