The German ambassador left Haiti after the violence escalated

As of: March 11, 2024 10:21 am

Powerful gangs in Haiti are calling for Prime Minister Henri to resign – thus throwing large parts of the country into chaos. Due to the “extremely tense security situation”, the German ambassador left the country.

The German ambassador and the European Union ambassador have left the Caribbean nation in light of the ongoing extreme gang violence in Haiti. The German ambassador and permanent representative in the capital Port-au-Prince left for the Dominican Republic on Sunday “with a delegation of European Union delegations due to the very tense security situation in Haiti,” a spokesman for the foreign office in Berlin said. . They are now working from a neighboring country until further notice. This is not the first time that the German ambassador has left the country for security reasons.

The US earlier announced it was withdrawing staff from its embassy in Port-au-Prince. Also, measures to protect the building were strengthened. The U.S. State Department said the embassy is restricting its operations but remains open.

As the violence escalates, the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) is now planning an emergency meeting in Jamaica. USA, France, Canada, Brazil and UN. Guyana's vice president, Parad Jagdeo, said the ambassadors from both countries were being called “to restore order and restore confidence in the Haitian people.” “Criminals have taken over the country, no government.”

Haiti hasn't had elections in years

Armed gangs have been attacking police stations, prisons and courts for days in Haiti, which already controls 80 percent of the capital Port-au-Prince, according to the UN. The absence of Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henri on a foreign trip to Kenya has fueled the violence in Haiti. Since then, he has not returned to Haiti due to the security situation.

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Armed gangs in the country are demanding the resignation of Henry, who was actually due to leave office in early February. They threaten civil war. Instead, at the end of February, Henry agreed to govern with the opposition until new elections were held “within twelve months”. On July 7, 2021, Henry assumed the reins of government after President Jovenal Moss was assassinated at his residence. No elections have been held since then, and Haiti currently has no president or parliament.

Haiti between crises and chaos

On Tuesday, Henry flew to Puerto Rico after the Dominican Republic refused him permission to land. Haiti's two international airports have been closed due to the violence. Gunmen attacked the presidential palace and police headquarters in Port-au-Prince on Friday, according to the Haitian Police Association. As a result, many attackers were killed.

The mob freed more than 4,500 inmates from two prisons and attacked police facilities and airports elsewhere. The robbery took place at the port of Port-au-Prince. According to a report by the “AyiboPost” portal, the police were rarely on the streets of the capital without ill-staffed personnel. It is not yet clear how many people were killed in the violence. The Washington Post reported that bodies that could not be buried because of the security situation lay in the street and were burned instead.

Haiti has been in serious crisis for years, including not only gang violence, but also political instability and economic crises. According to the UN, the number of people in need of humanitarian assistance in the country has doubled in the past five years alone.

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