Together with Great Britain: US bombed 36 Houthi targets

Along with Great Britain
US bombed 36 Houthi targets

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After retaliatory operations against Iranian militants in Syria and Iraq, the next step is: US and Great Britain shelling of the Iran-aligned Houthis in Yemen. Washington and London blamed attacks on ships in the Red Sea.

The US military, along with international partners, shelled Houthi positions in Yemen, a day after US airstrikes against pro-Iranian militias in Iraq and Syria. The US Department of Defense said in Washington that 36 targets of Iran-backed Houthi militias had been hit in 13 locations in Yemen, backed by the British military and other countries.

A joint statement by the United States, Great Britain and countries including Australia, Canada and New Zealand said the targets were weapons depots, missile systems and missiles, air defense systems and radar equipment. It is the third joint British-US military operation against the militants in recent weeks.

Retaliate against the Revolutionary Guards

“These precision strikes are aimed at disrupting and weakening the Houthis' capabilities to threaten global trade and the lives of innocent seafarers, and are in response to the Houthis' continued illegal, dangerous and destabilizing activities,” it added. A few hours earlier, US regional command Centcom announced that the US military had again destroyed several Houthi drones and missiles in Yemen. The Houthis have repeatedly targeted merchant ships in the Red Sea since the Gaza war between Israel and the Islamic terrorist group Hamas began in October. The militants operate in solidarity with Hamas and are targeting cargo off the coast of Yemen with alleged Israeli links.

Just on Saturday night, the US military launched a comprehensive retaliatory strike against pro-Iranian militant positions in Iraq and Syria. US forces have bombed more than 85 targets from the air in seven locations in both countries – including command centers, intelligence bases and weapons depots – used by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and allied militias, according to US reports. The Americans were reacting to a deadly attack by pro-Iranian militias days before three American soldiers were killed in Jordan near the Syrian border.

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