US cities where a $100,000 salary is the most valuable

He uses signing a six-figure contract to let Americans feel like they’ve done it. But now, only a $100,000 stipend goes so far — and its value varies from city to city.

Across major US cities, $100,000 can be as high as $86,444 and as low as $35,791, Smart asset study Find. The study compares the value of $100,000 in 76 major US cities, taking into account the cities’ income taxes and cost of living.

Cities in the South, from Tennessee to Texas, dominated the top ten where $100,000 goes the farthest. In Memphis, Tennessee, Americans can expect a salary of $100,000 to bring a home value of $86,444.

On the other hand, in cities like San Francisco and New York, $100,000 doesn’t even come close. In San Francisco, a salary of $100,000 equals only $36,445; In the Big Apple, it’s only $35,791.

With inflation still affecting consumers, here are the 10 US cities where a $100,000 salary goes the furthest:

  1. Memphis, Tennessee: $86,444
  2. El Paso, Texas: 84,966 dollars
  3. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: 84,948 dollars
  4. Corpus Christi, Texas: 83,443 dollars
  5. Lubbock, Texas: $83,350
  6. Houston, Texas: $81,350
  7. San Antonio, Texas: 80,124 dollars
  8. Fort Worth, Texas: 80,124 dollars
  9. Arlington, Texas: 80,124 dollars
  10. St. Louis, Missouri: $79,921

To determine the value of $100,000 in the 76 largest US cities, I used SmartAsset salary calculator To calculate the take-home wage after taking into account local, state, and federal taxes.

This amount was then adjusted to reflect the cost of living—including housing, groceries, utilities, and other goods and services—in each US city, using data from the Council for Community and Economic Research.

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