Ukraine’s Counteroffensive Propaganda Manual Revealed

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The Kremlin is looking for ways to explain Ukraine’s successful counteroffensive to its people. The leaked manual provides information.

Moscow – How is the Russian media reporting the course of the war in Ukraine? Specifically: about Ukraine’s expected counterattack Russia Recapture occupied territories? A leaked Kremlin handbook shows that state media mainly report on what presidents do Vladimir Putin It will do.

Now it has been revealed to the Russian media in exile how Putin wants to sell out his people if Ukraine succeeds in their counter-offensive. Medusa leaked. The leak is a handbook for Russian propagandists allegedly created by the Kremlin.

Russian President Vladimir Putin (L.) appears to be planning to sell Ukraine’s successful counteroffensive to his people. © Imago (Montage)

Leaked Manual: Media Gets Counter-Strike Instructions

The manual appears to provide instructions on how to operate government and government-affiliated media in Russia Ukrainian counterattack Need to inform. The content is instructive: Russian media should not underestimate the planned attack or underestimate the strength of the Ukrainians.

Instead, focus should be on how strongly NATO supports Ukraine. The focus of the report should be Weapons received by Ukraine from the West The West supports that country “all the way”.

Putin publishes campaign manual – search for communication channel?

Medusa He also spoke to two pro-government Russian sources in this regard. They explained that the Russian leadership was trying to find a way of communication from different situations through the propaganda manual:

  • The Ukrainian counteroffensive is successful: Russia can explain this based on its previous statement of massive support from the West and NATO. In this regard, the Ukrainian victories can be sold as “modest”, which puts the Russian army in a more favorable light.
  • Ukrainian counteroffensive fails: Putin’s propaganda will be that the Russian military successfully repulsed the Ukrainian offensive, even though the entire West and NATO supported the attacks. Putin’s troops can be shown to be highly skilled and formidable.
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Putin’s handbook leaked: Reconstruction in annexed areas to be kept secret

Another interesting detail is the noise Medusa Seen in the leaked handbook: Propagandists should not report how much money the Russian government spends on occupation and infrastructure. annexed Ukrainian territories to recreate. Because it could lead to resentment and negative feelings among the Russian people. “They will make repairs in the new areas, but not in the old ones,” a source close to the Kremlin was quoted as saying.

On the contrary Russian TV And newspapers increasingly report on repairs and investments in “old” Russia, such as schools, hospitals, and kindergartens. This should promote public approval of Putin’s government.

Russia’s Approach to Ukraine Conquests – Is the Population Ambiguous?

This thesis is reinforced by a survey from 2017 Medusa. At the time, about 40 percent of Russians said investments in Russia’s annexed Crimean peninsula were at the expense of Russians’ health, salaries and pensions. 55 percent of them would have rated it as false.

Apparently, Putin wants to prevent a fall in support for the occupation of Ukrainian territories, as his people expect more harm than good.

Don’t focus on Russia’s May 9 Victory Day parades

Plus, obviously, serious reporting May 9 is Victory Day, when Russia celebrates its victory over Nazi Germany in World War II every year. According to the handbook, statements about arrangements for this “should not be overstated”.

May 9 military parades were held in several cities Already cancelled, partly also in Moscow. The reasons for this are said to be security concerns on the one hand, and a shortage of tanks on the other, as they are all stationed at the frontline in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Ukraine is also looking for a communication strategy regarding its spring offensive: The US should not get more details because trust has been damaged. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyj Currently in Finland – and a trip to Germany is planned soon. (smu)

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