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Ukraine war: Youtube blocks Russian propaganda around the world


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Youtube puts an end to Putin’s campaign!

A YouTube spokesman said Friday evening that the video platform was “blocking all channels linked to the Russian state-sponsored media – worldwide”. This also applies to private channels and videos that deny invasion of Ukraine.

“Our social guidelines prohibit content that denies, underestimates or belittles well-documented incidents of violence,” the spokesman said.

Putin’s campaign trolls have been distorting the truth for years. They turn the war of aggression against sovereign Ukraine into a “special operation” aimed at rescuing the country from the anti-Russian “Nazis” and “drug addicts” in government. Anyone describing war in Russia should calculate imprisonment.

Campaign ban exceptions

But YouTube offers exceptions at the same time. If the content is educational or serves a documentary, scientific or artistic purpose, the operating system will allow the content to contain hate speech. But this is not free permission to spread hate speech. The educational environment should appear in films or audio of video.

In early March, YouTube already shut down the channels of Russian state broadcasters RT and Sputnik in Europe. The government in Moscow criticized the move as censorship.

Tic Tac Toe and Twitter control the campaign

Even TikTok In early March, the Russian government banned media access to its site in Europe. Microsoft The Russian broadcaster said it would remove RT from its App Store, change the algorithm of its Bing search engine and move content from RT and Russian portal Sputnik to the results.

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