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Partial victory in the suburbs: Russian troops advancing in Kiev


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Somewhat successful in the suburbs
Russian troops are advancing in Kiev

The Russian military is expanding its attacks on Ukrainian cities. With the exception of Chernihiv in the northeast of the country, he is targeting the capital, Kiev. With the lack of electricity, gas and water in the cities, Ukrainian President Selensky speaks of a “humanitarian catastrophe.”

The Russian military is advancing towards the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, while expanding its offensive in the east of the country. According to the Ukrainian military, attacks by Russian troops continue in the country. According to a report released on Facebook by Ukrainian civil servants, there are Russian attacks around the capital, Kiev, on the northern city border of Sazymya and on the south side of Vyshenky. These attacks were somewhat successful in some areas.

The northwestern suburbs of Kiev have been rocked by heavy airstrikes for days. Meanwhile, the Russian army is also approaching the capital from the northeast. Ukrainian soldiers announced a fierce battle for control of the main highway leading to the city of Kiev in Velika Dimerka.

In order to block the northeastern Ukrainian city of Chernihiv from the southwest, Russian forces also sought to capture the cities of Mykhailo-Kozyubinske and Shestovytsya, 15 kilometers away. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky said on Friday that a major waterway in Chernihiv had been damaged by shelling.

As a result, the city of about 280,000 people had no access to water. The report says that the Russian Air Force’s strategic bombers used naval missiles in the cities of Lutsk, Dnipro and Ivano-Frankivsk. Lutsk and Ivano-Frankivsk are located north and south of the city of Lviv, not far from the Polish border. The information could not be verified independently.

Zelenskyj appeals to the mothers of Russian soldiers

In addition, the Russian army attacked the industrial city of Dinibro for the first time. According to rescue workers, several civilian buildings were bombed, killing at least one person. The situation in the port city of Mariupol is particularly dire. Meanwhile, the United States and its allies announced new trade sanctions against Russia.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj on Friday spoke of a “humanitarian catastrophe.” Kiev and other cities have no electricity, no gas, no water. He warned that Russia wants to “destroy” Ukraine and use “Syrian assassins”. Russian President Vladimir Putin had previously approved the deployment of 16,000 “volunteer” fighters in Ukraine, mostly from the Middle East.

Zhelensky made an appeal to the mothers of Russian soldiers. “Do not send your children to war abroad,” he said in a video message. “Ukraine never wanted this terrible war.” But his country will defend itself against Russian aggression.

300,000 more residents surrounded Mariupol

The Russian military has recently significantly expanded its offensive in Ukraine. The Ukrainian military says it is targeting several cities in central and eastern Russia, in addition to Kiev and Mariupol. The Russian military has also dropped bombs on the western cities of Lutsk and Ivanovsk-Frankivsk.

On Friday, Russia also attacked the eastern industrial city of Dinibro for the first time. According to rescue workers, the airstrikes hit several civilian buildings, including a kindergarten and a shoe factory. At least one person was killed. According to Ukrainian sources, Mayor Ivan Fedorov was abducted by Russian troops in the occupied southern Ukrainian city of Melidopol.

The situation in Mariupol, which has been surrounded by the Russian military for more than ten days, is particularly dire. At least 1,500 people have been killed since the siege, according to local officials; The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has declared a state of emergency for about 300,000 civilians still trapped in the city. The aid organization Doctors Without Borders warned of an “unimaginable tragedy.”

The capital is now under a “siege”, Presidential Adviser Mikhail Podoliak said on Friday. Kiev tweeted that he was “ready to fight” and “will stand firm until the end”.

The European Union is considering one billion euros in military aid

Ukrainian civil servants have warned that the Russian military is trying to blockade security in the western and northwestern parts of the capital to “besiege” Kiev. Many Ukrainians fled the war of Russian occupation. According to the UN, 2.5 million people have now fled the country, and two million are internally displaced.

At the summit at Versailles Palace, EU leaders and the government discussed additional aid to Ukraine. EU foreign policy chief Joseph Borel has proposed doubling military aid to the country to 1 billion euros. According to several summit participants, it received overwhelming approval.

Meanwhile, the West is planning further sanctions against Russia. US President Biden has announced that the United States and its G7 partners and the European Union will withdraw their status as Russia’s “most preferred country”. Such a move would lead to taxation and further trade restrictions. The United States has announced further import and export restrictions on trade with Russia and Belarus.

Meanwhile, Biden reiterated that the United States and its NATO partners would “not wage war against Russia in Ukraine.” “The direct conflict between NATO and Russia is World War III,” he said.

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