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1500 euros per month |

Putin lures elite Afghan fighters into battle

Kremlin tyrant Vladimir Putin (70) not only sources his troops from his own country – the dictator understands his “partial mobilization” to mean “buying” elite fighters trained from abroad.

For example, the Russian military is currently recruiting large numbers of Afghan soldiers on Putin’s behalf, who were recently stationed in their country alongside US troops. The Taliban He had struggled. Three former Afghan generals confirmed the recruitments to The Associated Press.

Accordingly, it is about soldiers who fled to Iran in panic after the hasty withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. According to former generals, these fighters are now paid a monthly salary of around 1,500 euros.

In addition, attractions Putin With another offer the soldiers couldn’t refuse: He promised them and their families safe havens so they wouldn’t be deported to their old homelands. Because the fears of former anti-Taliban factions are justified: if they return, the Taliban will take deadly revenge.

So pessimistic players choose the lesser evil. AP quotes one of the generals, Abdul Raf Argandival: “They don’t want to fight, but they have no choice.” He wrote to about a dozen commandos in Iran – all of whom feared deportation. Argandival continues: “They ask me for solutions, they want to know what to do. They write: ‘If we go back to Afghanistan, the Taliban will kill us.

Wagner drives team recruitment

According to Argandival, the Russian mercenary group Wagner Group is behind the new mobilization. In addition, according to the last Afghan army chief, Hibatullah Alizai, a former Afghan commander living in Russia supports Russia. According to reports, the recruited soldiers undergo two months of training and are then sent to the front.

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Brutal trench warfare Ukrainians are fighting like World War I

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Russian recruits are not surprising to many observers. Among other things, Afghan veterans warned months ago that their former Afghan allies might be in close proximity to US adversaries – on the one hand to save their lives, on the other out of anger at the US.

Michael Mulroy, a retired CIA officer who fought in Afghanistan, said: “We’re not getting these people out like we promised, and now it’s taking its toll.” Afghan commandos are highly skilled and fierce fighters. Mulroy continued: “I don’t want to see them on a battlefield, obviously, but certainly not against the Ukrainians.”

Foreign Policy magazine reported on the recruiting plans last week. The paper cited Afghan military and security sources. Although Moscow did not elaborate on the statements, a spokesman close to the Wagner group called the former generals’ revelations “crazy nonsense.”

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