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++ Ukraine war: Kremlin commentator Kasparov appeals to NATO – “This is already World War III”


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Russia-Ukraine war continues; Violent attacks have been reported at night. Kremlin critic Gary Kasparov calls on NATO to act. News ticker.

  • Russia* The invasion continues Ukraine* Continued despite severe obstacles. Power attacks were struck Kiev*, Kharkiv and Mikholev.
  • After a week and a half of war, Russia has been increasing tensions in the country with humanitarian sieges Conflict in Ukraine*.
  • China* Appeals to NATO to consider Russia’s security as it expands eastward.

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+++ 12.55 pm: Former World Chess Champion Gary Kasparov has long been an outspoken critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin. In a guest article on Die Welt, the Kremlin critic strongly condemned the Ukraine war and called on NATO. I*. Kasparov criticizes Putin for looking only at the “most powerful coalition in history”, the “genocide” that he is committing in Ukraine. “This is already World War III. Putin started it a long time ago, and Ukraine is at the forefront today,” he wrote in Die Welt.

Gary Kasparov predicts that if the West does not intervene, Russia’s victory in the war in Ukraine will be just the beginning. This will prove to Putin that NATO will not stop him – although it can. To the Kremlin critic, the crisis in Ukraine has only two possible consequences: Putin’s victory and the consequent global catastrophe, or Putin’s downfall in Moscow.

Ukraine-News: Russian gas continues to flow westward

+++ 12.00 pm: According to the state-owned Gazprom, Russian gas continues to flow normally westward through Ukraine. Cosprom spokesman Sergei Kupriano was quoted as saying by Interfax on Sunday. “Gazprom regularly supplies Russian gas for transport through the territory of Ukraine according to the needs of European consumers,” the spokesman said. Accordingly, 109.5 million cubic meters of gas is expected to flow on Sunday.

Ukrainian army evacuates people from the city of Irbin near Kiev: fierce attacks from Russia are expected here.

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+++ 9.30 am: As a result of the Russian invasion, the Ukrainian gas network operator had to close 16 gas distribution stations in six major Ukrainian administrative districts. According to Kyiv Independent, the operator announced this via telegram on Saturday.

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Putin refers to Ukraine as “the end of statehood” – China as “Russia’s defense”

Update, 9:20 am: Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said in a telephone conversation with US Secretary of State Tony Blingen on Saturday (March 5, 2022) that Ukraine’s “growth” was “something China does not want to see.” CNN, the US broadcaster, released a statement from the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

China’s foreign minister called on the United States, NATO and the European Union to “focus on the negative effects of NATO’s continued expansion eastward on Russia’s security.”

Ukraine war: Violent attacks on Kiev – Putin threatens Selensky

First Report Sunday, March 6, 2022: KIEV – One and a half weeks after occupying the neighboring country, Russia continues its unrelenting war in Ukraine. Even so Strict international sanctions* And global review Vladimir Putin* Threatened the President following his goals Volodymyr Selensky* The “end of the state” of Ukraine, despite the loss of Ukrainian sovereignty now.

On Sunday (March 6, 2022), Russian armed forces attempted to encircle the main cities of Ukraine, Kiev, Kharkiv and Mykolayiv. According to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, violent attacks took place in the surrounding areas at night. The bomber struck shortly after noon in the Sumi region of northeastern Ukraine. Reports say that more than one million people have already fled Ukraine and that the refugee wave will not stop for now.

War in Ukraine: The humanitarian situation in the besieged cities is deteriorating

The humanitarian situation in the besieged cities, especially in the important port city of Mariupol, was catastrophic. Laurent Ligozat, emergency director of the Border Doctors (MSF), told the news agency afp that there was no water or electricity in the city and there was a shortage of food. The mayor repeatedly asked for help on Saturday, stressing the importance of providing a humanitarian corridor for evacuation. He reported thousands of injuries and numerous deaths.

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On Saturday (03/05/2022) the Russian military granted a ceasefire to Ukraine, which did not last long. Ukrainian officials have accused Russia of not fully accepting the agreed ceasefire. Putin has accused Ukraine of sabotage. The city of Mariupol announced that it would postpone the eviction of about 200,000 people “for security reasons”.

War in Ukraine: Volodymyr Zhelensky calls Joe Biden

In view of the dire situation, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj again called for Western support. With the aim of providing financial assistance and “continuing sanctions” against Russia, he again spoke to the President. United States*, Joe Biden*, Phoned and tweeted.

Kyiv is demanding more severe punitive action against Russia from the Western community, especially against its energy sector. At the request of the Government of Ukraine Then* The Western Federation has refused to set up a no-fly zone, citing the threat of further escalation of the conflict. On Saturday (05.03.2022) Putin insisted that the creation of a no-fly zone over Ukraine was a red line for Moscow. (I We) * is an offer IPPEN.MEDIA.

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