After the talks in Belarus – the secret service crime about the murdered Ukrainian negotiator – politics abroad

It sounds like something of a dark agent thriller: one of the people sitting at the negotiating table in Belarus on Monday during the talks between Russia and Ukraine has died!

Her name: Denise Greave (Other spelling: Greave).

Greve (✝︎44, married, has three children) was one of the negotiators on the Ukrainian side, participating in the first round (undefeated) talks in Komal.

There are conflicting reports about the circumstances of his death. One thing is clear: he was killed.

According to the first report, he was shot dead by the SBU, the Ukrainian domestic secret service – he was trying to escape arrest. Reason: According to this version, Greve was a Russian agent among the Ukrainians. He is said to have leaked information to Putin people from the talks – treason!

This was reported, among other things, by the Ukrainian news site Pravda, which was confirmed by government sources.

According to other rumors, he was a dual agent in the service of both countries. Investigative journalist Michael Weiss writes on Twitter, He thinks it is credible. SBU fired him too. A former intelligence chief told him that Greve had been hiding “too much time” as if catching enemy spies.

Another Ukrainian secret service – the military intelligence service GUR – clashed a few hours later. According to him, Greaves was one of three GUR men who died in a special operation. Military Service wrote on its Facebook page that they had done heroic service to their country and died with honor for its defense.

Greve is also known to have worked in the banking and private equity business, and he (source: news portal “Obozrevatel”) has already been charged in 2020 on suspicion of spying for Russia. He traveled frequently to Russia and had contacts with oligarchy working closely with Putin and former President Viktor Yanukovych.

Denise Greave (back right) sits at the end of the negotiating tablePhoto: Sergei Golotlin / AB

The same news portal noticed another bizarre detail: Greve was not even named as a negotiator in the official list of the Ukrainian presidential office. But the photos clearly show him sitting at the table in Komal with representatives of Kiev.

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