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Ukraine: Putin demands evacuation of all civilians in Kherson


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Putin calls on civilians to leave Kherson

“Losing Cherson would be a blow to Putin”

“The battle for Cherson is at hand,” says Ibrahim Nabar. “Ukrainians are pushing forward, they want to win it, they are very confident about it,” said our WELT correspondent. “If Putin loses it, it’s a huge loss strategically and operationally.”

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Russian troops may withdraw from Cherson region. This is supported by Vladimir Putin’s demand that all civilians be removed from the area. Ukraine warns of a trap.

RUS President Vladimir Putin has approved the evacuation of all citizens from the Cherson region. All residents of Kherson should be evacuated from the dangerous area, Putin said in a speech marking National Unity Day on Friday. “The public should not suffer.” According to Ukrainian sources, civilians were deported against their will from Russian-occupied territories. Russia has denied this.

Along with Luhansk, Donetsk and Zaporizhia, Kherson is one of four Ukrainian regions annexed by Russia following its invasion that began in February. The Kherson region is a strategically important gateway to Russia’s Crimea, which it annexed in 2014. Ukraine and many other countries do not recognize the annexation. Ukraine recently warned that alleged Russian plans to withdraw from Kherson could be an attempt to lure advancing Ukrainian troops into a trap.

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Meanwhile, an informant from Serson revealed that players may prepare for house-to-house fighting. They systematically confiscated the houses of civilians. They went door-to-door, checking title deeds and forcing residents to leave immediately if they couldn’t prove ownership of the apartment — “then Russian soldiers went to empty apartments all over Kherson,” the informant said.

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