Donald Trump is preparing for a “war with DeSantis.”

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Republicans are blaming Donald Trump for their midterm failure. Even close allies now stab him in the back. Message Ticker.

+++ 12.43 PM: After the midterms, there is a fierce power struggle among Republicans between Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis. The former president attacked the Florida governor in several posts on his social media site, Truth Social. DeSantis is an “average governor” who lacks “class” and it was Trump who resurrected the “politically dead” DeSantis in 2017. Trump’s adviser countered The Daily BeastThe former president is ready to “go to war against DeSantis.”

+++ 11.46 am: Donald Trump wants to address the public next Tuesday. The US president had already described the date as a “very big announcement” ahead of the midterm elections. Now the place and time of announcement is fixed. According to Alex Leary Wall Street Journal Trump will appear before cameras at his Mar-a-Lago home on Tuesday at 9 p.m. local time. After that, he is expected to announce his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election.

+++ 09.10 am: Now his friends at Fox and Friends: Morning Show host Brian Klimt has asked Donald Trump to hold off. Until the midterms runoff in Georgia, Trump should refrain from making announcements about his own political ambitions. Gilmead called Trump’s attacks on Ron DeSantis “insane.”

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Midterms: Murdoch media distances itself from Donald Trump

Update from Friday, November 11, 7:20 am: Robert Murdoch’s influential media empire in the US is keeping a clear distance as former US President Donald Trump talks about irregularities and electoral fraud in the mid-term elections. The Wall Street Journal called Trump “the Republican Party’s biggest loser” in an editorial. Trump lost the 2018, 2020, 2021 and 2022 elections. The New York Post described Trump in a cartoon as “Trumpty Dumpty” who had suffered a “deep decline”. The paper said one expert said two words could explain why Republicans were disappointed in the midterms: “Donald Trump.”

Midterms: Fox News Divided Over Donald Trump

And Fox News — Donald Trump’s longtime favorite broadcaster — found harsh words for Trump and praised his rival, Ron DeSantis, to the skies. News columnist Liz Peake. “Biggest Loser? Donald Trump.”

Midterm: Donald Trump accuses Nevada of election fraud

+++ 10.35 pm: As ballots were counted in Clark County, Nevada, on Thursday, the county registrar rejected Donald Trump’s latest bid. Trump apparently shouted “misinformation.” CNN.

Donald Trump is a guest on Fox and Friends.  (archive image)
Donald Trump is a guest on Fox and Friends. (Image archive) © SLAVEN VLASIC/AFP

Trump took to his social media site Thursday to falsely claim there was a “corrupt voting system” in Clark County and warned Republican Senate candidate Adam Laxalt to “be careful.” The former president’s claim has no basis.

Midterms: The Next Republican Party Opposes Donald Trump

+++ 6.25 pm: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell declined to answer directly when asked CNN He asked if Donald Trump was to blame for the surprisingly weak Republican Party result on Election Day. Instead he said, “Well I’m like you, I’m just watching and waiting for the vote to be counted.”

+++ 4.05 pm: Michael Lawler is the next Republican to oppose Donald Trump. His party “needs to move forward” after the by-elections. This applies to both the program and the personal details of the “Grand Old Party”.

Update as of Thursday, November 10, 2:55 p.m.: Considering Georgia and the runoff, Republicans there are trying to differentiate themselves from Donald Trump. Jeff Duncan was harsh on his fellow party member. “There’s no denying that Donald Trump was impeached on Tuesday night,” the state’s lieutenant governor said. He sees the future of the party in people like Ron DeSantis.

The midterms turned out to be a disaster for Donald Trump

Report from Thursday, November 10: Washington, DC – Thos Wall Street Journal He did not hold back his criticism. The conservative newspaper wrote in an op-ed that Donald Trump was the Republican Party’s biggest loser in the midterms. The former president “put off the 2022 election” and could give Democrats “two more years.” Control by the Senate‘ Give: ‘Perhaps now they will Republic Tired of failing.”

This comment symbolizes the negative view many right-wing media have of the media America Share. It was his favorite newspaper New York Post The day after the election It opens with a picture of the successful governor of Florida And Ron DeSantis as Future Man (“DeFuture”) may have ruined Trump’s breakfast for good. Also a right-wing news and opinion page Daily CallerOnce Tucker Carlson Launched, along with DeSantis’ eulogy, spoke of “a glimmer of hope amid the ruins.”

Midterms 2022: Right-wing media blame Donald Trump

Image above Fox News Not different. The “Red Tide” heralded before the midterms even grew into a “Red Tsunami” in the days leading up to the election. On the contrary, one complained Fox News In other media TV tycoon Rupert Murdoch called the Midterms “an absolute disaster”.

But everything is still possible – for both parties. The second chamber of the US Congress in particular is highly competitive. They are in three states Intermediate Exam Results I do not know. In Georgia, Democrat Raphael Warnock is narrowly ahead of Republican Herschel Walker. However, no candidate will cross the 50 percent mark required by the state. That means the second phase of the election on December 6 will decide the winner.

Raphael Warnock (Democrat) 49.2%
Herschel Walker (Republican) 48.7 %
Chase Oliver (Independent) 2.1%

(They are: CNN)

Middle Ages in America: The culprit is quickly identified

The accused in distress was quickly identified. For whom Jackie Heinrich Fox News As reported by a White House correspondent, an anonymous Republican source was quoted as saying: “If it wasn’t clear before, it should be clear now: We have a Trump problem.”

that the Multiple failures of Trump-backed candidates It is clear that the former president is under a lot of pressure when it comes to voting. Indeed, Trump’s outspoken criticism of Underestimates relatively poor outcomesHe had to abandon his plans to launch his long-awaited presidential campaign in November.

Bad results in midterms: Former press secretary doesn’t trust Donald Trump

His former spokeswoman, Kaylee McEnany, asked him to temporarily hold off on a planned announcement of a presidential bid. It is now more important to put all energies into what can be decisive Dec. 6 runoff in Georgia to stay connected. “2022 is not over yet”, With McEnany. “We need to shut down the Biden agenda. It could go through Georgia.

McKennahy deflected the question of whether Trump should campaign for Herschel Walker in Georgia by suggesting a different name: In his opinion, Ron DeSantis should go to Georgia to support Walker. “We have to win in the Senate,” McEnany said. In their view, it works better with the optimist Ron DeSantis than with Donald Trump. (Christian Stör/afp)

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