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+++ Ukraine News: Selenskyj criticizes Mayor Klitschko


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Ukrainian president blames Kyiv mayor Russian Occupiers Prepare People in Crimea for Emergency: Ukraine War News Ticker

Update from 6:30 am on Saturday, November 26: Ukraine is making progress in restoring its electricity supply after Russian rocket attacks. However, President Volodymyr Zelensky criticized the slow pace of progress, particularly in the capital Kyiv. “Many Kyiv citizens were without electricity for more than 20 or 30 hours,” he said Friday evening. He expects quality work from the mayor’s office, rarely openly criticizing Mayor Vitaly Klitschko.

Selenskij (3rd from right) and Klitschko put their political rivalry on hold during the fight. But as the president’s statements show, it continues. © AFP

Selenski did not call Klitschko by name. After all, he was angry that there were too few heating rooms in the capital of three million people. Klitschko had said in the morning that 400 of these contact points had been set up. In the event of a power outage lasting more than a day, residents must stay warm; Electricity, water, first aid and internet should be available.

Ukraine war news: Russians prepare people in Crimea for emergency

+++ 10:23 pm: According to Ukrainian civil servants, the Russian occupiers of Crimea have started preparing people on the Ukrainian peninsula, which has been annexed by Russia since 2014, on how to properly react in case of attacks. “The occupation administration in Simferopol is taking steps to inform people about proper behavior in the event of an airstrike and chemical and biological hazards.”

+++ 8.12 pm: On Friday, Russian troops opened fire on several parts of Ukraine with S300 rockets. According to the responsible authorities, the attacks were the most violent in Suhuiv in the Kharkiv region and Komishuvaka in the Zaporizhia region. No injuries were initially reported.

Despite the continued attacks, Ukraine’s Energy Agency announced Friday afternoon that three of Ukraine’s offline nuclear power plants had resumed operation. A few days earlier, the power plants were taken off the grid for security reasons due to heavy Russian shelling, further worsening the situation in the already fragile Ukrainian energy supply.

Shelling of Cherson in Ukraine War: Ukraine Evacuates Hospitals

+++ 4.25 pm: Ukraine vacates hospitals in recently liberated city of Kherson due to “persistent Russian shelling”. This was said by the head of the military administration of the region of the same name, Yaroslav Yanushevich. In Telegram. Russian forces occupied Cherson for eight months. Under pressure from Ukrainian offensives, Russian troops evacuated Cherson and their bridgehead on the northwest bank of the Dnipro in mid-November. However, the Russians set up positions on the other side of the river and used their artillery from there.

+++ 3.55 pm: Wind, rain and freezing temperatures at night are slowing the restoration of power supplies in parts of Ukraine, according to Ukrainian transmission system operator Ukrenerho. According to the state-owned company, 70 percent of the energy requirement is currently met. The company has also announced that electricity will be supplied to the country’s nuclear power plants. Despite damage after Russian rocket attacks, some power plants are back in operation.

Ukraine war news: Putin meets mothers of dead soldiers

+++ 2.40 pm: During the war in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin appeared very rarely – especially compared to his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymyr Zelensky, who visited liberated areas such as the city of Kherson and addressed his people by video every evening. In this case, now Putin is back in public. The Sunday before Mother’s Day in Russia (November 27) The Russian president met the mothers and wives of war veterans.

At the same time, Putin urged mothers of soldiers not to believe everything they see on TV or read on the Internet, saying there are many “fake” stories about the war. “I want you to know that I personally and the entire leadership of the country share your pain” Putin said in a TV clip. “We understand that nothing can compensate for the loss of a son. Putin added that he had no regrets about the “military special operation” against Ukraine. It was a necessary turning point in the struggle against Western hegemony. The mothers’ comments were not shown in the television clip.

Ukraine war news: Millions drown in need

+++ 1.45 pm: At least 77 civilians have been killed in Russian attacks on Ukraine’s critical infrastructure since October, according to the United Nations (UN). “Millions of people have been plunged into extreme misery and appalling living conditions as a result of these attacks,” said UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker Dürk. According to Turk, videos showing Ukrainian soldiers executing Russian prisoners of war have been classified as authentic in a preliminary UN analysis. Ukraine says it wants to investigate allegations of abuse by its armed forces.

+++ 1.15 pm: During a visit to Kyiv, British Foreign Secretary James wisely promised Ukraine ambulances and other practical assistance. “As winter sets in, Russia is trying to break Ukrainian resolve with brutal attacks on civilians, hospitals and energy infrastructure,” the Kyiv politician told the British news agency. PA According to “Russia will fail.”

Ukraine war news: NATO supplies jammers

+++ 12.15 hrs: NATO has supplied Ukraine’s armed forces with anti-drone jammers. The so-called jammers are part of a comprehensive support package, Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg told a press conference in Brussels. It also includes fuel, medical supplies and winter gear. The jammers are designed to help prevent Ukraine attacks by kamikaze drones. The devices are usually electromagnetic transmitters that interfere with the drones’ navigation or communication systems. Meanwhile, Kyiv is demanding weapons that could threaten Putin as well (see update from 11:10 am).

+++ 11.10 am: Nine months after the start of the war in Ukraine, the civilian situation in Ukraine is increasingly desperate. For example, there was a nationwide power outage on Wednesday (November 23) after Russian rocket attacks on energy infrastructure. Despite winter temperatures, Ukraine is still struggling, with President Zelensky appealing to the people’s sense of resistance (see first report).

In addition, Kiev is calling on the West to act. “Weapons must be delivered now, and that poses a potential threat to Putin,” government sources told the newspaper. the world. Kiev needs long-range missiles that can take out launch pads and ammunition dumps on Russian territory. “The possibility of such a counterattack on our part would be seen as a deterrent in Moscow.” According to government sources in Kyiv, Putin has not yet given up his war goal of total domination of Ukraine. To counter this, the country urgently needs more air defense systems.

Update from 10:10 am on Friday, November 25: According to Mayor Vitaly Klitschko, half of consumers in the capital Kyiv are still without electricity. A third of Kiev’s homes have already been reheated. announced Klitschko on Telegram. According to the military administration of the capital, the water supply in Kiev has been fully restored. The heat supply will also be restored, and emergency crews are working on repairs.

News about the war in Ukraine: Selenskyj is militant

Report from Friday 25th November: KYIV – Europe has been at war for nine months. An end to the conflict in Ukraine is currently unknown. While Russia has had to accept many setbacks and sometimes heavy losses on the ground, Ukraine has suffered from massive airstrikes through which the aggressor from Moscow hopes to bring the Ukrainian people to their knees.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyj But continues to struggle. In his video address, which faced cold and darkness in cities as a result of massive blackouts, he once again expressed his people’s spirit of resistance against the Russian invasion. “We faced a full-scale war for nine months, and Russia didn’t find a way to break us. It won’t find anyone,” Zelensky said. “We must continue as we are now, in solidarity and mutual aid.”

Ukraine war news: Kiev without water and electricity

Restoration of electricity and water supply after heavy rocket attacks on November 23 lasted until Thursday and Friday night. According to network operator Ukrainerho, half of the demand can be replenished.

The tense situation in the capital, Kiev, continued. Only 30 percent of the houses had electricity. Attacks on civilian targets are “revenge of the losers,” Zelensky said. “The only thing they can do is intimidation. Energy terrorism, artillery terrorism or rocket terrorism – Russia has come to that under its current leadership.

Ukraine war news: Lukashenko rules out using his army

Meanwhile, Alexander Lukashenko, the president of Belarus, has ruled out directly deploying his army in a Russian war of aggression against Ukraine. “If we intervene directly in this conflict with armed forces and soldiers, we are not contributing anything, we are making it worse.” Lukashenko said after the agency’s statement Belda. Belarus supports Russia, but its role is different.

Lukashenko made his Moscow-dependent country available as a staging area for Russian troops. Ukraine therefore regards its neighbor as a belligerent and maintains troops in reserve to prevent a direct attack by Belarus. (cs/dpa)

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