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++ Ukraine News: Russia’s bitter loss


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Ukraine repelled several Russian attacks overnight and presented Putin’s losses in a video. News ticker about the war in Ukraine.

Updated as of October 3, 10:02 am: Ukraine intercepted several Russian drones and a cruise missile overnight. In the east and south of the country, Ukrainian air defenses destroyed 29 Iranian-made Shahed drones and one Iskander missile, the military said in a telegram. A total of 31 drones and one missile were launched from Russia’s annexed Crimean peninsula.

“All that’s left is metal”: Ukraine offers destroyed tanks after Russian attack

Updated as of October 3, 8:13 am: News portal related to Ukraine Nexta The X site posted a video on Twitter that apparently shows the destruction of Russian tanks near the small town of Avtivka in the Donetsk region. It is said that the Ukrainian troops repulsed the attack by the Russian army there. “All that remains of Russia’s armored vehicles is scrap metal,” the news portal writes.

To defend against Russian attacks: Kharkiv builds its first underground school

Updated as of October 3, 6:51 am: The eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv is building the country’s first underground school to protect its students from Russian attacks. “Such a shelter will allow thousands of children in Kharkiv to safely continue their lessons face-to-face even during rocket attacks,” writes Mayor Ihor Derekov in Telegram.

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While many schools in wartime frontline areas have been forced to teach online, Kharkiv has set up about 60 classrooms in subway stations, capable of accommodating more than 1,000 students, ahead of the start of the school year on September 1. Parts of the city are less than 35 kilometers from the Russian border and are subject to almost daily Russian airstrikes.

A video purporting to show the destruction of Russian tanks by Ukraine is going viral on Twitter. © Screenshot Twitter/X

Attacks in Ukraine war: Russia shoots down drone over Bryansk

Updated as of October 3, 6:40 am: According to official reports, Russian air defense intercepted a Ukrainian drone over the southwestern border region of Bryansk on Tuesday night. The Russian Defense Ministry said on its Telegram channel that the missile had been destroyed.

According to Russian state news agency Tass, Bryansk regional governor Alexander Bogomas reported no damage or casualties. Moscow has repeatedly reported similar drone attacks in recent weeks.

Updated as of October 3, 6:25 am: After a historic visit by EU foreign ministers, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky expressed confidence in his country’s early EU membership. In a video address on Monday (September 2), he said: “We all know that it is only a matter of time before Ukraine becomes a member of the European Union. Regarding the visit of diplomats from the 27 EU countries, he added: “So this meeting actually took place already in the European Union.”

“Tactical Complexity” Situation in Robotine – Russia Launches Counterattacks

Updated as of October 2, 9:58 pm: South of Robotin, Ukraine continues its counteroffensive in Zaporizhia Oblast, saying the situation is “tactically complex” and “dynamic”. This emerges from the Current Situation Report of the US Think Tank for the Study of War (ISW). According to ISW experts, strategically important defense facilities in the region change hands several times. This has to be proven through evaluated satellite imagery. As part of their “resilience,” Russian troops will launch counterattacks of their own.

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In their counteroffensive, Ukrainian forces are attempting to drive a wedge between Russian troops and cut off their supplies, first to Dokmak and then to Melitopol.

Consultations on Ukraine war: EU foreign ministers meet in Kiev

Updated as of October 2, 5:35 pm: The EU’s chief diplomat, Joseph Borrell, described the meeting of European foreign ministers in Kiev as historic. This is the first time the EU’s Council of Foreign Ministers meets outside the EU, he told a press conference with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba in Kiev. It was the first time they met in an EU candidate country and a country at war.

The meeting sent a strong signal to Russia. “We will not be intimidated by your missiles or drones,” Borrell said. “Of course we wanted to meet in different circumstances and very much wanted to,” he added. But the circumstances remain, and Ukraine must be supported to overcome this challenge. “Through the visit to Kiev, the EU’s foreign ministers have sent a strong signal of solidarity and support to Ukraine in the face of this unjust and illegal war,” Borrell said.

Updated as of October 2, 3 p.m.: According to Abbas Kalyamov, a former interlocutor of the Russian leader, there is currently an “internal struggle” in Russia over recruitment into the Russian army. In an interview with a news agency Union Kalyamov said that advertising and announcements across Russia are trying to attract people to military service in Ukraine. He stressed that former President Dmitry Medvedev would oversee the recruitment process. There is an internal struggle between the individual regions, as each governor of the Russian regions is obliged to regularly provide a certain number of recruits. Wealthy areas like Moscow or St. Petersburg try to attract residents of poorer areas to their own recruitment offices. “The entire regional administrative apparatus is focused on this work,” Kalyamov explained.

Baerbock reiterates call for “winter security umbrella” for Ukraine

Updated as of October 2, 11:30 am: At the start of a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Kiev, Union Foreign Minister Annalena Berbach reiterated her call for a “winter security umbrella” for Ukraine. These include expanding air defenses, providing electricity generators and strengthening the overall energy supply.

“Last winter we saw how brutally the Russian president is waging this war by deliberately attacking power plants,” the Green politician said in Kiev on Monday. Vladimir Putin is betting that water supplies will collapse at 20 degrees below freezing. “We have to prevent this as much as possible with everything we have.” Germany has already provided massive support to Ukraine with air defense systems such as Iris-T and Patriot.

Special meeting of EU foreign ministers in Kiev on Ukraine war

Updated as of October 2, 10:20 am: Foreign ministers of the 27 EU member states held a special meeting in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv on Monday. EU foreign policy chief Joseph Borrell spoke on the online service X (formerly Twitter) of a “historic meeting” aimed at “expressing our solidarity and support for the Ukrainian people”. Borel explained the significance of the meeting, which was the first meeting of all 27 foreign ministers from outside the EU. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba also spoke of the “historic event” in a joint press release with Borel. Kuleba said it was a meeting “within the future borders of the European Union”.

Union Foreign Minister Annalena Berbach (Greens) reported from Kiev on Monday. On the online service X he posted a photo of the Ukrainian capital with the addition: “Good morning Kiev!”

High Russian losses in Ukraine war: Kiev releases current data

Updated as of October 2, 8:50 am: The Ukrainian General Staff has released current statistics on Russia’s losses in the war in Ukraine. According to this, about 510 Russian soldiers were killed or seriously wounded in the fighting in a single day. The numbers in front of the parentheses indicate the total losses since the beginning of the war. Information cannot be independently verified.

  • Players: 279,080 (+510 on previous day)
  • Puncture: 4,717 (+15)
  • Armored Fighting Vehicles: 9000 (+9)
  • Artillery system: 6,525 (+48)
  • Drones: 5061 (+18)
  • Vehicles and Tank Trucks: 8909 (+26)
  • Source: Information from the Civil Service of Ukraine as of October 2, 2023

Ukraine war: EU foreign ministers visit Kiev

Updated as of October 2, 8:30 am: In support of Ukraine, EU foreign ministers traveled to Kyiv for an informal meeting. EU foreign policy chief Joseph Borrell made the announcement on Monday. This is the second visit of Union Foreign Minister Annalena Berbach to Ukraine in a few weeks.

US pledges more aid to Ukraine

Updated as of October 2, 6:30 am: According to Defense Minister Rustem Umerov, the US government has confirmed more military aid to Ukraine despite a budget dispute in Washington. Umerov writes

Ukraine war: Fierce firefights in east and south

First Report: KYIV – Heavy firefights took place along a front stretching nearly 1,000 kilometers in the country’s east and south, public officials in Kiev said. However, the report for Sunday evening did not see any change in the situation. Russian attempts to regain lost positions were repulsed near the town of Bakmut in the Donbass. The Ukrainian army continues its own offensive in the south near Pakmut and Robotyn. This military information could not be immediately verified.

Ukraine attack on Sochi airport

According to unofficial reports, the Russian Sochi airport on the Black Sea was attacked by Ukrainian combat drones on Sunday (October 1). Citing intelligence sources, Kiev media reported that the target was a helicopter landing site. Sochi, Russia’s main beach where President Vladimir Putin often conducts official business, is about 800 kilometers from Ukrainian-controlled territory. The Defense Ministry in Moscow announced that a Ukrainian drone had been shot down in the area.

Ukrainian drone strikes were also reported in Russia’s Smolensk and Belgorod regions on Sunday. According to a Moscow military statement, two Ukrainian missiles were intercepted in the Russian-annexed Crimean peninsula. (with agencies)

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