Ukraine News: Russia Faces Troubles

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Russia lost 800 soldiers in one day. Hackers have disabled Ukraine’s largest mobile phone provider. Ukraine war on news ticker.

  • Russian progress In South: Army “advanced significantly” near Novopokrovka
  • Heavy Russian losses: Kyiv publishes current statistics
  • The information processed here comes from international media and news agencies, as well as from warring parties in Russia and Ukraine as well as their allies. In particular, information about the losses suffered by the armies involved in the Ukrainian war cannot be independently verified.

Updated as of December 12, 1:15 pm: The unprecedented attack has crippled Ukraine’s largest mobile phone provider. “On the morning of December 12, the Kyivstar network was the target of a strong hacker attack, which caused technical disruptions,” the company said on text message service X on Tuesday. The police were called. The company promised that personal data should not fall into unauthorized hands. Telephone and Internet connections in the provider’s network failed across the country. The company’s website was also down.

Alternatively, Kyivstar recommended that subscribers switch to other providers’ networks. After the Russian invasion 21 months ago, a free switching between all Ukrainian mobile phone providers was adopted. Interior Minister Ihor Klymenko also pointed to free internet access at hotspots set up by the state. Initially nothing was known about the origin of the hackers. According to media reports, Ukrainian Infrastructure Minister Oleksandr Kubrakov said he intends to resolve the network failure in the next few hours. Meanwhile, Ukrainian online bank Monobank said Tuesday it was the target of a hacker attack. Vodafone, the second largest mobile phone provider, has also reported technical problems.

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Equipment problems in Ukraine war: Russia has no night vision equipment

Updated as of December 12, 11:05 am: According to British estimates, Russian troops have problems fighting in the dark due to the lack of night vision devices. While Ukrainian troops have received good supplies from their international partners, Russian soldiers must ask for equipment from relatives and supporters, the British Ministry of Defense said on Tuesday. Drones also lack cameras that take good pictures in the dark.

Ukrainian soldiers fire an S21 artillery unit on Russian positions in the Kharkiv region.
Ukrainian soldiers fired S21 artillery units at Russian positions. (archive photo) © IMAGO/Madeleine Kelly

It was said in London that perhaps there was also a cultural problem. “Russian military training rarely emphasizes nighttime drills, but regular daytime drills to attract senior officers during inspections.”

Ukraine War: Russian Army wins at Zaporizhzhya

Updated as of December 12, 10:40 am: According to officials, the Russian military has made “significant” progress in the partially Russian-occupied southern Ukrainian region of Zaporizhia. “Our units have advanced significantly northeast of Novopokrovka,” Russian-appointed local governor Yevgeny Politsky told the Telegram online service on Tuesday. However, the Ukrainian military spoke of repelling Russian attacks.

The Russian side said the situation around Novopokrovka was “remaining tense” but Russian soldiers were “gradually advancing” – while the Ukrainian side had “significant losses”.

However, the Ukrainian military said in its morning situation report that it had repelled three Russian attacks in the area around Novopokrovka – but gave no further details. In addition, “42 enemy attacks” were repelled near the hotly contested eastern Ukrainian city of Avdiivka and dozens of Russian advance attempts were repelled in other regions. The village of Novopokrovka is located northeast of Robotin. The Ukrainian army held ground in August – then hoped to make a breakthrough further south towards the Sea of ​​Azov.

Russia suffered heavy losses in the war in Ukraine

Updated as of December 12, 9:55 am: Ukraine’s General Staff has released new statistics on Russia’s losses in the war in Ukraine. According to this, 800 Russian soldiers were killed or wounded in the fighting in a single day. Information cannot be independently verified.

  • Players: 340,650 (+800 on previous day)
  • Puncture: 5664 (+9)
  • Armored vehicles: 10.579 (+19)
  • Artillery system: 8073 (+3)
  • Multiple rocket launchers: 919
  • Anti-aircraft guns: 605
  • Airplanes: 324
  • Helicopter: 324
  • Rockets/Cruise Missiles: 1596 (+10)
  • Ships: 22
  • U-Boot: 1
  • Tank trucks and other vehicles: 10.650 (+14)

    They are: Ukrainian Civil Service Dated December 12, 2023. Information about Russian losses comes from the Ukrainian military. They cannot be independently verified. Russia has not provided any information on its own losses in the war in Ukraine.

Ukraine says it shot down Russian attack planes

Updated as of December 12, 6:40 am: According to the Air Force, Ukrainian air defenses destroyed nine of 15 Russian attack drones and two cruise missiles overnight. Iran’s Air Force says it has destroyed Shahid drones in several parts of Ukraine. Both cruise missiles were intercepted in Zaporizhia and Dnipropetrovsk regions. It was initially unclear what happened to the drones that were not shot down and whether the attack caused any damage or casualties.

Updated as of December 12, 5:50 am: Russian air defense systems destroyed a Tochka-U tactical ballistic missile launched from Ukraine over the Belgorod region, the Russian Defense Ministry said. According to a statement from the ministry on the messaging app Telegram, the attack took place around 5 am (local time). It is not known if there was any damage. The short-range missile, known by the NATO designation “Scrap B,” is Russian-made.

America wants to support Ukraine

Updated on December 11, 11:04 pm: During the visit of the Ukrainian president to the US capital, Washington, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin reaffirmed the US’s continued support for Ukraine in its war of aggression against Russia. “We have an obligation to show the world that America will not hesitate to defend freedom,” Austin said Monday during a speech at a university that trains military leaders. Given the struggle in the US Congress to provide more military aid, he warned: “America’s promises must be kept. America’s security must be protected. America must keep its word.

Ukraine war: Russia launches missile strikes again

Updated as of December 11, 8:20 PM: The Russian military continued its missile and drone strikes on Monday (December 11). The portal reported, citing Ukrainian military information Independence of Kiev Two Russian Kh-59 cruise missiles were shot down. One was shot down in the Zaporizhia area. Several groups of Shahad drones have also been reported. These were flown from Russian-occupied Crimea to the Ukrainian cities of Odessa, Zaporizhia and Donetsk.

Updated as of December 11, 7:20 pm: It appears that the Russian army is trying to encircle the city of Kubyansk in the northeastern part of Ukraine. Ukrainian portal Independence of Kiev Ukrainian military commander Oleksandr Chirsky was quoted as saying that Russia was trying to capture the village of Chingivka. Most likely the target, the general said, was the “siege” of Kubyansk. Germany’s Editorial Network reported that about 5,000 people were still living in Kubyansk in September. Before the attack on Ukraine there were 27,000. According to General Sirskiji, there are Russian offensive operations along the entire front line.

Putin significantly ramps up attacks in Ukraine war ahead of election in Russia – ISW details

Updated as of December 11, 9:50 am: March 2024 presidential elections in Russia are approaching. Apparently, Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered an increase in attacks against Ukraine ahead of the election, according to the US think tank Institute for the Study of War (ISW). Accordingly, Russian troops are intensifying their attacks, especially near the border between Kharkiv and Luhansk, namely near Pakmut and Avdiivka – despite the harsh winter weather. Russian military offensives in western Zaporizhia are increasing, according to a think tank. According to ISW, Russian troops are trying to seize the initiative in mid-winter to maintain a military advantage in the pre-election period.

Updated as of December 11, 5:30 am: According to Ukrainian reports, Russia is carrying out airstrikes on the capital city of Kiev. Debris from rockets fired by air defenses fell in several parts of the city, damaging at least one residential building, Mayor Vitaly Klitschko said by telegram.

A piece of debris fell on the roof of a residential building as rescue workers made their way to Holosiiwskyj district, southwest of the city. Rescuers are on the job in two other parts of the city.

KYIV: The situation on the front lines of the Ukrainian war is difficult

First Report: KYIV – From the point of view of the generals in Kiev, the situation is difficult on various front lines in Ukraine. Ukrainian troops continue to record new attacks by Russian units, particularly in the east of the country, army commander Oleksandr Chirskyj said on Sunday. Bad weather with sub-freezing temperatures caused a slight reduction in Russian attacks in some places, but their direction remained unchanged. “The enemy has not abandoned plans to recapture Kubiansk,” military spokesman Volodymyr Fidjo said on television.

Ukraine has been fending off a Russian invasion with Western help for more than 21 months. Kubyansk, in the Kharkiv region, was liberated from Russian occupation by Ukrainian troops in early September last year. However, recently, the Russian army managed to recapture territory there.

On Sunday evening, the Russian military launched another wave of so-called kamikaze drones toward Ukraine. An aerial alert was issued in southern and central Ukraine. There were reports of explosions in the area around the southern Ukrainian port city of Odesa as anti-aircraft defenses were activated there. (with content from news agencies)

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