Ukraine Celebrates Strike Against Putin's Air Force

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Heavy blow to Russian military in Ukraine war: Over the summer, Ukrainian special forces disabled three Russian military fighter jets.

KYIV – A report by the Ukrainian secret service has described an attack that took place this summer. Accordingly, the Ukrainian unit reportedly entered enemy territory and destroyed three Russian TU-22M3 fighter jets — a step back for the Russian military's air force under Kremlin boss Vladimir Putin.

According to reports, military aircraft were disabled by drone strikes at bases in Soltsi and Shykovka. In a published statement, Ukraine has now described the operations of the secret service in the Ukraine war and revealed other key details.

The Secret Service of Ukraine has now released the report of an undercover mission. Accordingly, a Ukrainian force destroyed three Russian fighter jets over the summer. (Credit photo) © IMAGO / Eastnews

Underfoot on Russian soil: Ukrainian armed forces on covert mission

Led by Colonel Oleg Babi, scouts of the Ukrainian Armed Forces had an important mission: to stop airstrikes on peaceful Ukrainian cities. They traveled on foot and covered more than 600 kilometers in Russia. As a result of the destroyed TU-22M3 fighters, they successfully completed their mission, according to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

The destruction of military aircraft plays into Ukraine's hands, as these types of aircraft are often used by the Russian military to launch attacks against Ukrainian cities, reports say. T-Online. Among NATO member states, nuclear-capable supersonic bombers are known by the code name Pakfire. This machine can carry 24 tons of weapons.

“The successfully completed operation significantly thwarted the plans of the Russian military-political leadership to conduct missile attacks on the territory of Ukraine and in fact completely disrupted the operation from airfields and long-range air bases,” the Ukrainian Defense Ministry said in a statement.

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Ukrainian scout Oleg Baby – the hero of his homeland

On their way back from an undercover mission, the troops were ambushed by Russian armed forces. “She engaged in an unequal battle with the Russian invaders. During this battle, which took place on August 30, 2023, the Ukrainian intelligence officer, Colonel Oleg Babi, was seriously injured,” Ukraine's government website reported.

Now the former scout is being celebrated as a hero of Ukraine, because the successful undercover operation in August was not his only achievement in the Ukrainian war. According to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, Babi was allegedly involved in nine covert missions in Russia and twelve operations in Russian-occupied Ukrainian territory. For this reason, a fallen soldier is given a place of honor in the “Gallery of Heroes” – a page created by the Ministry of Defense as a memorial to fallen soldiers. (Denise Dorris)

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