Tuesday, April 5, 2022 is Stock Market Day

East Asian stock markets did not show a clear trend. Initially, positive signs from Wall Street led the index to rise slightly, but prices fell again throughout the year. However, the ongoing fighting in Ukraine and further increases in oil prices have reduced investors’ willingness to take risks. Brent and WTI are still bullish after yesterday’s strong gains. The World Bank has also lowered its growth forecast for the East Asia and Pacific region, which includes China. There will be no trade in Hong Kong and Shanghai due to public holidays.

The Nikkei Gives small initial gains. The Cosby Little has changed in Seoul. Commodity prices are rising, prompting the Bank of Korea (BoK) to predict that inflation in South Korea will be higher than its February estimate of 3.1 percent by 2022. The BoK has not yet issued a new forecast, but expects consumer inflation to remain above 4 percent as crude oil and grain prices rise sharply as a result of the war in Ukraine. The BoK is expected to update its inflation forecast for 2022 in May.

For that S&P / ASX200 Sydney is up 0.6 percent. Participants refer here primarily to good American profiles. The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has set interest rates at 0.10% at its monthly monetary policy meeting. Shares of Bentley are up 0.6 percent after the previous day’s rally. Citigroup’s analysts view the planned acquisition by financial services provider Perpetual as positive. This should allow the company to increase investment in distribution and provide better product range. Perpetual stock increases 2.6 percent.

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