“Camp must be demolished”: Moscow: Ukrainians plan poison gas attack near Kharkiv

“Camp will be demolished”
Moscow: Ukrainians are planning a poison gas attack near Kharkiv

In a confusingly convincing way, Moscow warns of the use of chemical weapons in the East. In a town near Kharkiv, the Ukrainians reportedly wanted to detonate chlorine gas. Meanwhile, the government in Kiev is urging residents of Luhansk and Donbass to leave.

Russia has accused Ukraine of plotting a chemical “provocation” and blaming Moscow for it. Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said that Ukrainian special forces had cut off 120 tons of chlorine storage in the eastern Ukrainian city of Pervomysky. “The camp is going to explode to accuse Russia of creating a chemical disaster that caused the deaths of locals.” Konashenkov said this was “confirmed information” without presenting any evidence. Pervomayskyj is located in the south of Kharkiv

Russia has repeatedly accused Ukraine of planning so-called “false flag operations.” On the other hand, there is great concern in the West that Russian troops may use chemical weapons in Ukraine. Konashenkov said Russian forces had attacked a Ukrainian fuel depot in the Kharkov region of eastern Ukraine with “high-precision” missiles. Also, military equipment and weapons were destroyed at a train station in the area. According to Ukrainian sources, the Kharkiv region and the city of the same name were the target of numerous Russian attacks on Wednesday night.

In the eastern Ukrainian region of Donetsk, the command post of the Ukrainian army and the “nationalist” base near Novohrotivka were the target of Russian attacks, Konashenkov said. Russia describes the Ukrainian units mainly as “nationalists” and “neo-Nazis”. Many experts see this as an excuse for an attack that justifies Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin’s “reduction” of Ukraine.

Kiev warns civilians in the East: “Everyone faces death”

Fearing a new Russian offensive in eastern Ukraine, the government in Kiev called for an emergency evacuation of people in the Luhansk, Donetsk and Kharkiv regions. Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vareshchuk said, “Take yourself to safety when you still have the will.” “It has to be now, because later people will be shot and threatened with death. Then they can do nothing and we can not help them.”

Sergei Hajde, head of the regional administration of the Luhansk region, said in a video message that Russia was currently further strengthening its armed forces in the region. He expects big attacks in the next three or four days. Russia has been at war with neighboring Ukraine since February 24. Moscow announced last week that it wanted to significantly reduce its attacks on Kyiv, instead focusing on the Donbass.

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