Trump wants to use military against protests after 2024 US election

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Former President Donald Trump’s group plans to immediately deploy the military in protests if he is re-elected.

WASHINGTON DC – Donald Trump and his allies are looking ahead to the chaos that could result from his re-election in the 2024 US election. According to a report, if he is indeed re-elected, they have begun formulating concrete plans on how the federal government can punish critics and opponents.

A report from The Washington Post Trump plans to implement the Sedition Act to use the military as domestic law enforcement on his first day in office. It exceptionally authorizes the President of the United States to send National Guard and Army troops or Marine units to combat insurgencies within the United States. In concrete terms, this means that Trump may use the military against public demonstrations.

An “immediate priority” for the new Trump administration

the sea The Washington Post The development of such plans has so far been “unofficially outsourced” to a coalition of right-wing think tanks operating under the title “Project 2025”. The plan is an “immediate priority” for a hypothetically resurgent Trump administration, according to newspaper insiders.

If Donald Trump is re-elected, he wants to implement the Sedition Act on his first day in office. © Michael Wyke/dpa

Upon request The Washington Post Trump campaign spokesman Steven Cheung said: “President Trump is focused on destroying his opponents in the primaries and then beating the corrupt Joe Biden.” He added: “President Trump has always stood up for law and order and the Constitution.

Trump wants to use the judiciary to take action against his opponents after the 2024 US election

The reports quoted people who spoke to him The Washington Post Trump has indicated in recent private conversations that he wants to use the Justice Department to take action against his opponents. These include former members of his administration such as John Kelly, Bill Barr and General Mark Milley.

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To achieve this, the Action Plan 2025 Committee has initiated a plan to depart from the Department of Justice’s longstanding policy of preventing conflicts of interest within the executive branch. They pointed out that allowing the President to prosecute through the Department of Justice would not cause any problems.

“They don’t need a change in law, they need a change in mindset,” said Russ Vodt, Trump’s former budget director and current head of the Center for American Renewal. The Washington Post. “You need an attorney general and a White House law firm that doesn’t see itself as trying to protect the department from the president.”

Donald Trump is seeking revenge in the 2024 US election

Milley did not comment on the possibility that he would be targeted by a future Trump administration. But Kelly told the newspaper: “There is no doubt in my mind that he will prosecute those who turn against him.” He added: “The lesson the former president learned from his first term is that people like me… don’t put me in. These jobs. The lesson he learned is to spot the sycophants. “I’m shaking in my boots,” he joked when she said. The Washington Post Addressed.

The news isn’t surprising — Trump has kept his revenge plots secret, writing on Truth Social over the summer that he would “appoint a real special prosecutor to take down” Biden, his family, and “everyone else.” Voting to destroy our elections.” , borders and countries are involved.” But first, Trump has a different task: The New York fraud trial against him is about the future of his corporate empire. On November 6 he testified in court for the first time – under oath. (Sonja Thomaser)

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