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Trump: Mask in courtroom – threat to throw judge out


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New York. In the presence of accused former President Donald Trump, columnist E. Jean Carroll testified in court that he had ruined his reputation. “I've paid as much as you can,” Carroll said Wednesday, referring to the damages he suffered at the hands of Trump.

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A jury found last year that Trump sexually assaulted and defamed Carol in 1996 at a luxury department store. The current civil trial in Manhattan is about how much Carroll is owed because of comments he made while Trump was president. He vehemently denied that he had assaulted the plaintiff or that she knew.

Trump frowns during Carolyn's testimony

Trump frowned, shook his head and turned to legal representation during the testimony. He has repeatedly objected to telling the grand jury details of the allegations against Trump. He attacked the judge, calling him a “radical Trump hater.”

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Kick-off in the defamation trial against former US President Trump

American writer E. Donald Trump appeared in New York at the opening of Jean Carroll's second defamation trial.

Carroll said Trump had been publicly lying about her since June 2019. Her memoirs were published the same year she made her accusations against Trump. He continues to lie to this day. “He lied last month,” Carroll said. “He lied on Sunday. He lied yesterday. I'm here to reclaim my reputation.” Carroll is seeking $10 million in compensatory damages and millions in additional damages.

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“Now I'm known as a liar, a cheat and a lunatic.”

He was once a respected advice columnist, Carroll reports. “Now I am known as a liar, a cheat and a lunatic.” Carroll said she lost her longtime job as a columnist for Elle magazine because of the allegations against Trump and his response to them. Carroll's contract was not renewed for other reasons, the magazine said.

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Trump took to social media on Tuesday to say the investigation was about “lies and political stupidity.” These would have brought money and fame to the plaintiff. “I was the only one who suffered damage from this attempted intimidation,” he wrote on his Truth Community site.

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Judge threatens to throw Trump out of court

A US judge threatened to throw Trump out of the courtroom because of his repeated interruptions. Trump repeatedly ignored Carroll's warnings Wednesday to remain silent as he made his statement. “Mr. Trump has a right to be here. Disruption can take away that right,” Judge Louis A. Kaplan was quoted as saying in the media. Trump, I hope I don't have to exclude you from the process, and I understand that you would probably like that.” Trump replied: “I would. “

Kaplan intervened after Carroll's lawyer, Shawn Crowley, pointed out a second time that Trump could be heard saying “false” things at the defense table. Among other things, Trump said Carroll was lying about the attack on him. Crowley pointed out that the jury might have been able to hear from Trump if it had been possible for Carroll's lawyers, who were sitting four meters away from the Republican party.

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Kaplan said there is no need to exclude Trump from the process. “I understand you will like it.” Trump later said, “I think it's going to be great.” Caplan responded that he knew Trump would love it. “You can't get your act together on this one.” Trump said: “Nor can you.”

Trump is considered the Republican Party's most likely candidate for the November presidential election. However, he currently has to face the courts in various cases. The 77-year-old is using the court dates as a kind of campaign event, which has already drawn criticism from several judges.

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