The trend of the electric car is catching up with Tesla showing RVs, Nissan Leaf which is proving its worth by helping in family transport and in the form of the cab. They are also widely accepted among the consumers as electricity will be the next fuel for the future. Toyota too launched its Prius but it has some problem and is not a grand success for the company. The company has now launched with its new Toyota C-HR.

Toyota’s C-HR is a polar opposite to the staid Prius. It has sculpted sides, brake lights which are like rocket pipes at the rear end and an aggressive look that makes the car look completely different from other cars. The engine of the car is same as in Toyota Prius unless you opt for a 1.2-litre petrol engine. The C-HR has two motors in which one is 1.8-litre internal combustion engine along with CVT gearbox and other is an electric motor. The electric motor will work all the time and the petrol engine will come to help you when you need some additional power.

You can drive the car entirely on battery power at low speed and the battery gets recharged when you apply the brake in the car or when the petrol engine is running. It is said that C-HR may deliver exactly what the consumers want to have. The emissions of the car are also low with just CO2 emissions of 87g/km which make it great to drive on electric power.

The new road tax rules for the hybrid cars state that the hybrid vehicles which are registered after April 2017 will be no longer cheap or free to tax. This means the old hybrid vehicles are still tax-free or have to pay minimal tax but in C-HR case this is not possible. The tax for hybrid C-HR will cost about £130 per year. This cost is just less than the petrol version.

The interior of the Toyota C-HR is bold and attractive. The colourful, textured panel present inside the driver and passenger doors along with the stepped, two-tone dashboard sweeps across the cabin. The car also has an 8-inch Touch 2 Infotainment touchscreen which is present in the upper part of the dashboard. The touch response of the Toyota is very slow and it will take a test of your patience when you try to swipe, tap or loading the pages. The capacitive touch shortcut keys also face the same problem. The C-HR doesn’t have any Apple CarPlay, Android Auto or MirrorLink support but you can share your data with the help of inbuilt satnav which can get accurate traffic data and can access larger POI database. The Blind-Spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alerts and automatic parking feature also work well and efficiently.

The Toyota C-HR car comes with stylish and bold looks with hybrid technology along with the dynamic, and interesting package. It is a great car to drive which is equipped with all trim levels.