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Todd Howard is the only person “authorized to speak publicly about unreleased Starfield details”


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Bethesda Studios design director Emil Pagliarulo revealed that they “simply cannot” reveal any details about Starfield, stressing that Bethesda president Todd Howard is “authorized to speak publicly about the game’s unreleased information.”

In a Twitter thread, Pagliarulo acknowledged that while fans “had a lot of questions” and were “humbled” by the interest in the hotly anticipated title, neither they nor anyone else on the team are able to talk about the game – including the content or performance – Because they signed a non-disclosure agreement and “don’t want to be kicked out.”

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“I know this isn’t what any Starfield fan wants to hear from me, but I feel like I need to make it clear: Nobody but Todd Howard himself is authorized to speak publicly about unreleased game information. the game subreddit.

“You have a lot of questions. I get it. And my vague post about the game doesn’t help. I’m so humbled by your anticipation of Starfield. Seriously. It’s mind-boggling to me. So it really hurts me to say that I simply can’t answer 99 percent of your questions.” .

Pagliarullo added, “I can’t share my opinions about the game’s content; I can’t speak about the performance; I can’t discuss … well, most things.” “I signed a non-disclosure agreement. I’m a pro. I don’t want to be fired. But your support is our everything. You fill my heart – every day. The best. Fans. Ever.”

Microsoft previously expected Starfield and Indiana Jones to sell 10 million units on PlayStation consoles, before deciding to make each an Xbox console exclusive.

In court documents shared as part of the ongoing saga between the US Federal Trade Commission and Microsoft, the FTC said Microsoft expected 10 million PlayStation sales of both Starfield and Indiana Jones.

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