The Walking Dead: Destinies criticized for being ‘ludicrously lazy’

The Walking Dead: Destinies is being criticized by fans online, with the new choose-your-own adventure game experience being called “extremely lazy” and that the developers have put “no effort” into the new title’s animation.

The Walking Dead is one of the most beloved comic book franchises and television shows of all time. While comics have a dedicated fanbase in their own right, the world of TV shows has expanded the love of the world to new heights.

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With the main series only ending this year and several spin-offs on the way, it seems like The Walking Dead will be unstoppable. However, the latest video game to be released under the TWD banner is not very popular.

The Walking Dead: Destinies is a choose your own adventure title that allows players to experience the beloved television series once again, this time giving you the opportunity to make your own choices and completely change the outcome of the show.

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While the idea of ​​the game had many fans excited for its release, the final product left a lot to be desired. TWD: Destinies first launched on November 7 and is available on all consoles and PC.

While the developer Flow Game Studio It manages to recreate some of the most iconic moments from the TV show, and major performance bugs, graphics issues and more have players criticizing the game online.

In new Reddit post, a Destinies player uploaded a scene from the game, captioning the post, “I can’t believe this is an actual scene from TWD Destinies.” Others shared similar sentiments to the original poster, writing in the comments: “All scenes like this movie. They made no effort to move anything.

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Others on Twitter also criticized the new game. “Bro The Walking Dead: Destines had so much potential. They didn’t even animate the bulk of it, they made it like a slideshow,” one user wrote.

Time will tell if the developers fix these major issues with the game. However, fans seem to be very disappointed with the product as a whole.

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