The Putin confidant always complains about deliveries from Italy

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Former Russian President Medvedev continues to attack NATO and the West. Now a statement makes a curious connection.

MOSCOW — One of Vladimir Putin's closest allies is back in the spotlight. After the Bundeswehr wiretapping scandal, a major NATO maneuver or his statements about French President Emmanuel Macron no longer wanting to govern NATO ground forces in Ukraine, Dmitry Medvedev has this time targeted US President Joe Biden.

Putin's Hopeful Medvedev Fires Against Biden: “Shame on America”

The reason is the comparison Biden made in his State of the Union address to Congress last Thursday, which, according to Medvedev, was seriously flawed. The US president compared himself to his predecessor, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. According to Medvedev, the vice chairman of the Russian Security Council commented in the State of the Union address that, unlike Roosevelt, he would only bring “shame” to the United States.

“In the State of the Union speech, Biden compared himself to Franklin Delano Roosevelt. It's a disgusting comparison. Obviously not in his favor,” Medvedev wrote on his account on X (formerly Twitter). “He's a disgrace to America!”

Fury against ex-Russian president Medvedev Biden: 'trying to trigger World War III'

Medvedev repeatedly threatened to attack GermanyHe pointed out that the 32nd US president may have been a frail man in a wheelchair, but “he brought America out of depression.” Biden, on the other hand, was a “crazy, demented person who had it in his head.” To drag mankind to Hell.”

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Apparently, Putin's ally Dmitry Medvedev always launches particularly violent attacks against NATO, Ukraine and the West after receiving wine supplies from Italy. (archive image) © Kremlin Pool / imago

And, the official continued, Roosevelt fought for peace alongside allies, including the Soviet Union, while “Biden is actively and persistently trying to start World War III.” After all, Roosevelt “fought against the fascists, while Biden fought for them,” Medvedev concluded his post.

Medvedev's Controversial Posts: Putin Confidant Writes About Wine Delivery From Italy

This isn't Medvedev's first controversial post on social media. Now there is a message from a Russian news site The Insider The disappointments of Putin's closest confidante may have been placed in a curious context. Accordingly, several anti-NATO posts on his Telegram channel were allegedly linked to wine deliveries from Italy.

“Despite the sanctions, wine from Medvedev's Italian wineries continues to be delivered to Russia, and delivery dates surprisingly always precede his defamatory releases,” the report said.

Putin's friend Medvedev rages against the West: discontent over wine deliveries from Italy?

According to the paper, Medvedev continues to receive alcohol exports from Fattoria della Iola, a Tuscan winery that was registered with an offshore company in Cyprus in 2017. The winery is owned by Ilya Eliseev, a former classmate and close friend of Medvedev. InteriorHe noted that ownership of the winery has changed since then, but part of the shares still belong to Elysée.

After Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Medvedev continued to receive wine from this Italian winery. The Insider. Accordingly, wine from Italy arrived in Russia on June 17, 2022. Two days later, Medvedev wrote a post on Telegram referring to the destruction of the European Union before Ukraine became a member.

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Wine deliveries from Italy: Medvedev lashes out at nuclear war on social media

In October 2022 and January 2023, Medvedev posted more rants on social media days after receiving a shipment of wine from Italy. The Insider was discovered. The former Russian president has repeatedly warned that the conflict in Ukraine could lead to nuclear war.

In January, he warned in a post on his Telegram channel that Moscow would respond with a nuclear strike if Ukraine attacked missile launch sites on Russian soil with long-range missiles supplied by the West. Medvedev said that if Ukraine strikes, it risks violating Article 19 of Russia's 2020 nuclear doctrine, which everyone supporting Kiev “should keep in mind.”

New wine delivery from Italy to Medvedev? Putin's confident rails against NATO and Chancellor Scholes

The paragraph states that Russia may use nuclear weapons against Russia “to use nuclear or other weapons of mass destruction or conventional weapons against Russia if the very existence of the state is threatened.” Reuters. “This is not the right of self-defense, but the direct and obvious basis for the use of nuclear weapons against such a state,” Medvedev wrote.

In recent weeks, Russia's former president has again been very active on social media, complaining that Medvedev “everything is allowed against the enemy” after Macron's NATO attack on Ukraine. However, the statement… The Insider It is not clear whether a confidante of Vladimir Putin received the wine back from Italy.

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