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The OnePlus 10 Pro hits the ball out of the park with its second-generation mobile Hasselblad camera and a host of other features


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2022 was an exciting year for global technology leader OnePlus, especially in the Indian market. The first quarter of the year saw some premium launches by the brand that captured the interest of tech enthusiasts and led to widespread purchases. It’s no surprise, then, that the OnePlus 10 Pro – the latest star of the OnePlus stable, follows tradition and takes tech city with a host of cutting edge features. In the true spirit of OnePlus’ Never Settle motto, the device is the culmination of eight years of work for the brand on the smartphone front. This makes it abundantly clear that the latest device is a well-rounded OnePlus flagship, complete with a host of premium features such as a second-generation Hasselblad camera for mobile, the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 mobile platform with 7th generation Qualcomm® AI Engine, and a 5-passive cooling system. 3D graphics, 5000mAh battery in dual-cell design, 6.7-inch Fluid AMOLED panel complete with 120Hz refresh rate, second-generation LTPO technology, HyperBoost game engine among other features.

While OnePlus fans have many features to look forward to, one of the most exciting features of the new OnePlus 10 Pro is clearly its camera. Hasselblad’s second generation mobile camera with a host of other camera specifications makes it the workhorse of everyone who loves to shoot with their phones and has the word “Winner” written on it!

TOI takes a detailed look at why OnePlus 10 Pro’s camera specs hit the ball, making it an exceptional device on the market right now!

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Boost camera performance with the second generation of Hasselblad Camera for mobile

When OnePlus partnered with legendary camera maker Hasselblad and introduced the Hasselblad camera for mobile into the OnePlus 9 series, it was big news. With this, OnePlus has brought Hasselblad’s bloodline of over eight decades of camera experience to OnePlus users and redefined our expectations for a smartphone camera. The OnePlus 10 Pro’s second-generation mobile camera Hasselblad takes camera performance even further with the OnePlus Billion Color Solution, the new 150° wide camera, and more.

The OnePlus Billion Color Solution allows natural color calibration with Hasselblad to be applied to over a billion colors, meaning that each of the OnePlus 10 Pro’s three rear cameras—main camera, telephoto, and ultra-wide—is capable of shooting in full 10-bit color. As a result, the device processes 64 times more colors than smartphones that capture 8-bit colour.

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Furthermore, the OnePlus 10 Pro takes photos using the DCI-P3 color gamut, which provides 25% more color coverage than the sRGB color gamut used by other smartphones. If you take a photo with the OnePlus 10 Pro, you will see that it displays more subtle and pleasant colors as the color gamut is significantly reduced, leaving you with smoother transitions between each color. With this said, the latest technology gives OnePlus users a chance to experience the most accurate colors and capture the most stunning shots.

The widest shot with the widest ultra-wide camera

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Have you always wanted to capture life-like shots at scale with your smartphone? Well, with the OnePlus 10 Pro’s Ultra Wide Camera, which is precisely the widest Ultra Wide camera on a OnePlus device, you can capture more in every shot. The new OnePlus 10 Pro Ultra Wide Camera offers a 150-degree field of view that lets you take pictures four times larger than those taken with 120-degree ultra-wide cameras on other smartphones. The feature also supports a fisheye mode that replicates the look of traditional fisheye lenses, providing a fresh perspective when photographing. By default, the OnePlus 10 Pro’s Ultra Wide camera takes photos with a 110-degree field of view, complete with AI distortion correction. The 150° and Fisheye sensor modes can be accessed via a dedicated tab within the Camera app.

Besides the Ultra Wide Shot feature, OnePlus 10 Pro also comes with Long Exposure which allows you to quickly and easily take long exposure photos with or without a tripod. Results? Silky smooth waterfalls and creative light paintings at the touch of a button. Long exposure photos can be taken with the More setting inside the OnePlus 10 Pro camera app.

Sony IMX789 48MP sensor on the main camera to enhance your photography game

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One of the highlights of the OnePlus 10 Pro is the specially designed 48MP Sony IMX789 sensor, which is a sensor exclusive to OnePlus devices. Just like the OnePlus 10 Pro’s ultra-wide camera, the 1/1.43″ primary sensor is shot in full 10-bit color. The Sony IMX789 sensor on the OnePlus 10 Pro also benefits from tuning upgrades that improve noise reduction, accuracy, and dynamic range.

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OnePlus 10 Pro also comes with an 8MP telephoto camera that offers a 3.3x optical zoom that captures images in full 10-bit color. This can capture images up to 30x digital zoom, complete with a new super-resolution algorithm that improves the clarity of images captured using digital zoom. Finally, the sensor comes with an optical image stabilization (OIS) feature that helps eliminate blurring and shakiness from images.

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Take the best selfies with the 32MP Sony IMX615 sensor

Selfie camera Hasselblad 2nd generation mobile camera The OnePlus 10 Pro comes with an improved front camera, allowing you to take better selfies. The 32MP Sony IMX615 sensor offers twice the megapixels and a 27% wider field of view compared to the Sony IMX471 in the OnePlus 9 series. In addition, the front camera of the OnePlus 10 Pro supports Nightscape mode, allowing you to take bright and clear selfies in dark environments. . The 32MP front sensor takes advantage of skin tone calibration, ensuring that skin tones appear naturally in every shot.

Take photo creation to the next level with the second generation of Hasselblad Pro mode

If the Hasselblad camera feature of the second-generation OnePlus 10 Pro wasn’t enough, OnePlus has also introduced the Hasselblad Pro mode. This feature takes the Hasselblad feature to the next level as the mode can be used on all three rear cameras – the primary camera, the telephoto camera, and the ultra-wide camera – allowing you to adjust shot parameters, from ISO to white balance. To make it even better, Hasselblad Pro mode allows the OnePlus 10 Pro’s rear camera system to capture images in up to 12-bit RAW – which delivers more information and greater levels of dynamic range – complete with Hasselblad’s natural color solution for mobile. Hasselblad Pro mode on the OnePlus 10 Pro features a new feature called RAW+ that allows you to shoot in up to 12-bit RAW while retaining all the elements of OnePlus 10 Pro computational photography, such as improved dynamic range and noise reduction. Providing high-quality image files, RAW+ gives you more creative freedom when editing your shots.

Take photos like a pro with Master Style

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You’ve always wanted to take professional photos but don’t know how? Say hello to Master Style on OnePlus 10 Pro that lets you capture color-calibrated photos by professional Hasselblad photographers. The new feature includes three color modes – Serenity, Radiance and Emerald – calibrated by Hasselblad ambassador Yin Chao and Hasselblad Masters winners Ben Thomas and David Peskins, respectively. Serenity embodies the look and feel of popular fashion photography Yin Chao, best used for portraits, while Radiance recreates Ben Thomas’ style of hyper-reality, resulting in streamlined shots that are shared. The Emerald is the result of a collaboration with David Peskens, known for his wildlife photography, and is perfect for capturing stunning landscapes. Each of the OnePlus 10 Pro’s three color modes can be found and applied in the “Filters” menu within the Camera app.

Revive the movie maker in you with the excellent video specs of the OnePlus 10 Pro

If you have always loved shooting videos on your smartphone, then Movie Mode on OnePlus 10 Pro is just the feature for you. Designed for video rendering for the first time on the OnePlus 10 Pro, this feature lets you adjust the likes of ISO, shutter speed, and white balance before and during shooting. Furthermore, movie mode allows you to record in LOG format without a preset image profile, providing you with a blank canvas for color grading after you take your shots. Leveraging the power of the Sony IMX789 sensor, the OnePlus 10 Pro is capable of 4K recording at up to 120fps and 8K at 24fps. OnePlus 10 Pro supports DualView Video, allowing you to record using the device’s front and back cameras simultaneously.

Packed with a punch with the most dynamic photo specs, the OnePlus 10 Pro is a force to be reckoned with if you want to up your photography game. To find out more about the OnePlus 10 Pro and all the other features it brings to the table,
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