The most anticipated video games of 2024, from Kotaku readers

Final Fantasy VII sorceress Aerith Gainsborough prays as a black feather from Sephiroth's wing floats before her.

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We asked you recently, dear Kotaku readers, What are the most anticipated games of 2024?. The list you all provided reflects some titles that have piqued my interest, but you’ve also shared a bunch of games that weren’t on my radar yet. thank you for that. Most of all, there seems to be one game we all – myself included – can’t wait to get our hands on, and it’s a sequel.

Hollow Knight: Silk Song, Where are you? The follow-up to developer Team Cherry’s excellent 2017 Metroidvania game has been MIA since it was first revealed in February 2019. A June 2022 trailer showed off some new combat and traversal mechanics –This video lives rent-free in my mind to this day-but The last we heard about the match was that Cherry postponed it because Silksong“It got too big.” Take your time with the game, TeCher, but my appetite for it Silksong Very large too.

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This isn’t the only sequel Kotaku Readers get antsy. while Silksong It dominated a fair amount of comments, and some other games people are looking forward to it being included Dragon’s Doctrine 2, Hyper Light Breaker, Little nightmares 3, Senua Saga: Hellblade IIAnd Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2. I guess you could say that 2024 is looking to be another year of sequels.

Anyway, here are the most anticipated games for next year.

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