MKBHD crowns the iPhone 15 Pro as the best camera phone

MKBHD It is back with its annual Smartphone Awards, in which it selects the best smartphones in different categories. While the iPhone won just one award last year, this year Apple’s smartphone won in two different categories – including best camera in a smartphone. Read on as we break down Marquis Brownlee’s picks.

MKBHD Smartphone Awards 2023

This year’s categories are very similar to last year, with only a few differences. There is now a category for foldable phones and another for the best enhanced phones. These are the categories of the MKBHD Smartphone Awards 2023:

  • Best big phone
  • Best little phone
  • Best camera
  • Best value
  • Best battery
  • Best design
  • Better folding
  • Best improvement
  • Bust of the year
  • Better than the year

Best camera and best battery: those won by the iPhone

As previously mentioned, the iPhone won two categories at this year’s MKBHD Awards: Best Camera and Best Battery in a Smartphone. When it comes to the camera, he chose the MKBHD iPhone 15 Pro As a leader in this category.

According to the YouTuber, there are smartphones that take better photos than the iPhone, especially with the zoom feature, but the iPhone is still the best at taking video. He praised the consistency of the cameras and the new video capabilities iPhone 15 Prosuch as recording to ProRes Log and storing everything directly to an external SSD.

Action button for iPhone 15 Pro cameras

For the best battery category, the choice wasn’t the iPhone 15 Pro or 15 Pro Max, it was iPhone 15 Plus. Since it has a 60Hz display that consumes less power, it performs better than the Pro models in this aspect. MKBHD says that iPhone 15 Plus Perfect for people who want a “risk-free, no-brainer” phone that stays unplugged all day long.

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Best big phone

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra It was named best large phone by MKBHD, which comes as no surprise since the S22 Ultra won in the same category last year. The YouTuber highlights the huge 6.8-inch display, great battery life, one of the most advanced camera systems, as well as the S Pen that comes bundled with the device.

Best little phone

Apple used to win this category a few years ago because of the iPhone mini. But now that the mini is gone, Asus Zenfone 10 It was chosen as the best small phone. The Zenfone 10 isn’t very small, but at 5.8 inches it would be considered small by today’s standards. The more compact form factor comes with affordable hardware for people looking for smaller phones.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 It received an honorable mention in this category for providing premium hardware in a device that can be folded into a very small size.

Best value

this time, Samsung Galaxy A54 It was selected for the Best Value category at the MKBHD Smartphone Awards 2023. Found at under $400, this phone is described as a good balance between having basic features and keeping the price low. Google Pixel 7A He received an honorable mention in this category.

Public telephone

The main award, Phone of the Year, went to Google Pixel 8. Although it costs $100 more than its predecessor, it now has a much better display and many interesting software features. Meanwhile, Google is promising seven years of software updates for the Google Pixel 8. It’s a “total package of impact, price, condensation, and being a really good phone.”

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You can watch the full video below To see all the winners of the MKBHD Smartphone Awards 2023:

What do you think of the winners of the MKBHD Smartphone Awards 2023? Would you choose different? Let us know in the comments section below.

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