‘The Golden Bachelor’ finale: Jerry breaks up with Leslie in a heartbreaking way

Jerry Turner He made his saddest decision yet. In the season finale on Thursday Golden Bachelorthe 72-year-old retired restaurant owner decided to end things with Leslie Fahima in order to continue a relationship with Teresa Nest.

during The penultimate episode last weekJerry tells Leslie that he thinks she is the woman he cannot live without. However, Jerry went ahead with his date with Teresa at the Fantasy Suite, after which he said he felt as if “this was the first day of the rest of my life.”

“I love both of them, and in every case I’ve said ‘I love you’ to them. With each of them I can see a life together,” Jerry told Leslie and Teresa’s cameras. “…At this point, I know I can’t put it off any longer. Although it was difficult, I think I made my decision.”

However, Jerry I decided to show Both Leslie and Teresa to his family. This decision, host Jesse Palmer It saidwas Jerry’s way of “letting it go to the end.”

“I think he was very open to every conversation, every moment with these women, potentially opening new doors and discovering more. I think he was really excited to do it.” Jesse said. “Part of that is meeting women with his family, but I think a big part of that also is the time he spends and the chemistry he has, and just being true to himself.”

Leslie arrived to meet Jerry’s family after they gave Teresa their seal of approval, and things went well for her as well, creating more uncertainty for the main man.

Although Leslie was happy with the way things were going with Jerry’s daughters, Jenny and Angie, and his granddaughters, Payton and Charlie, she sensed something was wrong with Jerry, who she thought didn’t seem “quite himself.”

This uncertainty continued until their evening together, when Jerry said to Leslie, “I know I’m running out of time and I have to make a life-changing decision, and that kind of hit me.”

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Jerry decided to “start over” after getting that off his chest, and he and Leslie drank wine, laughed, and enjoyed each other’s company. Leslie pulled at Jerry’s heartstrings when she presented him with an album filled with memories from their time together.

The night ended on a sad note, when Leslie expressed her love for Jerry and he didn’t fully return the feelings.

“Be happy,” Jerry said to Leslie after hugging her through her tears. “Be happy too,” she replied.

They shared a long hug at the door, and then Leslie asked, “Is there something you want to tell me?”

“I have a difficult decision to make,” he replied. “It’s harder than I thought possible.”

When he left Leslie’s room, Jerry sat on the stairs and broke down in tears. Meanwhile, Leslie told the cameras: “I’m definitely not confident now. I know why he’s gone today. I know exactly why.”

Jerry returned to Leslie’s room to talk to her again, deciding to end things once and for all.

“It’s been difficult and I’ve made a decision on how I want to deal with this,” he said. “I fell in love with Teresa, and this is the direction I’m going to take.”

She wondered if everything he told her in the Fantasy Suite was a “complete and utter lie”, which he denied, saying “at the time it was the truth”.

“If I had known that this was the amount of pain I was going to cause someone, I would not have taken the first step on this journey,” Jerry said.

Leslie said the whole thing was “typical” of her life and how “nobody chooses me.”

“You made it seem like you chose me. You said things that made me feel like that would be the case,” she cried. “She led me down the road, then took a turn and left me there. That’s how I feel. Honestly, it’s mind-boggling.”

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“I’m sorry. I wish there was something I could say, but I know there’s nothing,” Jerry replied.

Leslie noted that “Teresa is a great girl,” but said she was “stunned” by the turn of events.

Jerry left the room for a second time, while Leslie hit the cameras.

“I’m tired of putting myself out there,” she said. “time is running out.”

Unsurprisingly, the moment was emotional, as Jesse previously told ET, “I think this is the most emotional goodbye I’ve ever seen in the history of the show — from Bachelor’s, Bachelorette, heaven. I mean, it’s really frustrating. “It’s heart-wrenching.”

Jerry was also breaking down, telling Jesse: “I took a really good person and f–king broke his heart. I hate myself… I think the only time I’ve ever felt bad in my life was when my wife died.” Far away and this is a close second.”

“That moment, that conversation with Jerry, was as raw a conversation as I’ve ever had with anyone, and it was probably the rawest conversation I’ve ever seen or had with anyone since I’ve been hosting the show,” Jesse previously told ET. “That’s a moment I’ll never forget. Just because I saw it was heartbreaking for him. The way he described it, it was so profound. I don’t even know how to describe it. It was just really intense.”

During the live portion of the show, Leslie spoke out, telling Jessie: “The sadness that I felt, the trauma that happened to me, and all those feelings that I’m watching again, seeing that again…I’m devastated.” I’ve been unapologetically myself through this. The whole thing… I haven’t fallen in love with someone in a long time, so it was hard. “It’s really hard.”

“I was so sad, because I was 100% sure that I was his girl [because of] She added: “The things he said to me during the night… I felt like I could be a member of that family in a heartbeat… I didn’t expect that.” “… I went and chose a dress, I wrote my vows, and I imagined us living a life together.” “You planned this whole life for us. He shot me hard, so it was much harder for me to fall.”

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Leslie reunited with Jerry afterward, telling him that she had “time to process” and that she was “much better” than she was during their breakup. She told him she fell in love with him “for so many reasons,” adding, “I wanted to give you that ’til death do us part so bad.”

Leslie went on to praise Jerry’s integrity, and said that because of that she took his words to heart. Leslie said those words he said during their date night made her feel “100 percent” like she was his girl.

“I don’t know where it went wrong,” she said. “I feel like you painted a picture for me of what our lives could look like… You had the choice not to tell me these things… The other things we talked about, the plans we made, I was devastated.”

Jerry apologized, saying that his “heart was not prepared” for this process, which became “more difficult” as the weeks passed. He explained that he gave each person his “undivided attention,” thus engaging in moments with each woman.

“You were the person I thought was my person until I learned you weren’t,” he said, adding that his relationship “was better with someone else.”

Although Leslie did not accept Jerry’s apology, she said she understood. “I wish I could have done a better job,” Jerry added.

Despite everything, Leslie said she was “so happy” that Jerry said “I love you” to her, because it “opened my heart” to the possibility of love in the future.

“I deserve it,” she said. “I will find it out.”

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