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The fix for the PlayStation Plus project Spartacus is said to be ‘very close’ to the launch of • Eurogamer.net


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It will include Basic, Extra and Premium levels.

Last December, reports began circulating that Sony was working on a file New multi-level repair for PlayStation Plus – Codenamed Project Spartacus – to compete with Microsoft Xbox Game Pass. At the time, Sony was said to be aiming for a “spring” release, and a new report suggested that the service was now “very close to an actual launch.”

That’s the word from VentureBeat’s Jeff Grob who spoke again on the final episode of his Giantbomb Grubbsnax show (Thank you VGC), also provided more insight into how the new three-tiered subscription service – which effectively integrates Sony’s existing PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus offerings – is structured.

Grubb claimed the new service (which Bloomberg previously reported It will retain the PlayStation Plus branding while PlayStation Now is phased out), and will launch the three subscription tiers Basic, Extra, and Premium — which are $10, $13, and $16 a month, respectively.

PlayStation Plus Monthly Games – PS5 and PS4 – March 2022.

According to Bloomberg’s preliminary report on Spartacus, Grubb says the basic level will be as effective on PlayStation Plus as it is today – that is, required to play online titles on PlayStation and provide a number of monthly games for subscribers to add to their libraries at any additional time. Cost – While the additional tier will also include a “downloadable game catalog” of around 300 titles. Anything that can be downloaded on PSNow looks like it will be here,” Grob said.

In the meantime, the premium tier will give subscribers access to “classic games” and cloud streaming in addition to all of the above, although Grubb admitted, “I don’t know what classic games are, but I know it’s a big part of this premium tier.” Bloomberg previously reported that the premium tier will include access to PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP games, along with extended demos – something that Grubb also confirmed.

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Despite the growing number of reports surrounding Project Spartacus, Sony has yet to make any such official initiative. According to Ghoroob, this may change very soon. “It’s likely to be very close to the actual launch,” he explained. “Something will probably happen by the end of this month and I don’t think that necessarily means publicly, I think in terms of the internal parameters of where the service should be.”

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