The first German city warns of “serious danger to life.”

There are warnings of an impending heat wave and dangerous effects in some parts of southern Germany. The Department of Health in Nuremberg, Bavaria, writes in a recent report: “When the heat warning value of the German Meteorological Service is reached, there is a serious risk to life.” The German Meteorological Agency (DWD) has issued a related warning. In Berlin, it is expected to reach 35 degrees on Saturday and even 37 degrees on Sunday. On both days the sun should shine for 16 hours and rain is not possible.

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Temperatures that could endanger health could reach Nuremberg this week, according to officials. The message continues: “Even at 26 degrees Celsius, the body functions with increased sweating and circulatory disorders.” Particularly vulnerable groups are the elderly, the chronically ill, and young children.

The affected area in Nuremberg is expected to be up to 30 degrees and about 13 hours of sunshine in southern Germany on Wednesday. In the second half of the week, the thermometer should then rise to 32 degrees.

According to the Reuters news agency, Spain is currently experiencing the worst pre-summer heat wave in 20 years. Therefore, the warmth that reaches Europe from North Africa via the Mediterranean Sea is the cause of the recorded heat. A 40-degree 40-degree scale was measured in the Guadalquivir Valley in Seville and the nearby city of C காரrdoba on Saturday. In the capital Madrid, it is expected to be 40 degrees on Tuesday and even 44 degrees in C கோrdoba.

Meteorologist Stephen Oz agrees, according to a news portal report Some warm air from North Africa can also reach Germany. Ochs: “This wind will probably be sent to us in Central Europe on Saturdays and Sundays, so the temperature will rise to 36 degrees.” But it’s not for sure.

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